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What is Hour Bit Club ?

Hour Bit Club Scam ReviewHour Bit Club is a 24/7 company for trading crypto currencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin.

They provide services for non-experienced people that wants to invest in the trading niche.

Their experts claim to sort their clients out, and set them up making profits very quickly.

The association is registered is the United Kingdom, well at least that is what they are claiming.

Apparently they have 7 years experience in the trading niche, trading Bitcoin and stocks.


Hour Bit Club Investment Plans 


Hour Bit Club Scam ReviewHour Bit Club is offering 3 types of investment plans.

The first one is called the standard plan, the plan is paying between 3.3% – 6.0% hourly for 32 hours.

So the minimum gain for the standard plan is 105.6% and the maximum 192% all of these gains are in 32 hours.

The second plan is called the superb plan, the plan has a minimum return of 40% and maximum 80% in 3 days.

The lowest amount you should expect to get is 120% and the biggest amount would be 240% in just 3 days.

The third and last plan is called the ultimate plan, the plan will be paying between 13% – 18% return of investment.

So the minimum return you should be expecting is 260% and the maximum gain is 360% in only a period of 20 hours !

These results are totally bogus and unrealistic, there is no company in the world that could sustain these types of results.

Just to look things on a bigger scale if we would invest our money in the last plan for a month, we would have more then 10,000% return of investment.

Now please tell me that does not sound bogus, it totally does and its not possible.

Everybody would be a millionaire in a matter of months, without any experience, basically auto trading.

We can only dream of such returns, at the moment there is no system that could get even close to what Hour Bit Club is offering.


Hour Bit Club High Paying Referral System 


Hour Bit Club Scam ReviewThere is a referral system offered by this scheme.

There is 5 levels of the referral system, the more people you invite the more commission you will get.

The first level called “Level A” starts with a 3% referral bonus.

The second Level called “Level B” is 4% bonus.

The third level “Level C” returns 6%

The Fourth level “Level D” 8% returns and the last, but not least offers 10% return of investment.

Sadly, this system more then likely does not pay their referrers, because it is another Ponzi-Scheme.

There are too many negatives that we will get in to, that suggest to not waste your time with Hour Bit Club.


Hour Bit Club Fake Testimonials


Hour Bit Club Scam ReviewThere are four testimonials on the website, claiming that folks already have profited and its life changing.

The testimonials have been written by the developer of Hour Bit Club and its quite obvious.

We have tested the images on google and the photos of the reviewers are totally fake.

A lot of different sites on google use the same people around to promote something or just to make their website look good.

These fake reviews is a huge enough reason alone to stay away from Hour Bit Club, because if they are faking reviews what else are they doing?

I will tell you, they are trying their hardest to write get referrers promoting their business so they can get as much traffic as possible.

Why is traffic important for Hour Bit Club? Well, the more traffic the more potential clients they can deceive and take money from.


Hour Bit Club Social Media 


All business in 2018 must have at least a Facebook page at the minimum.

The recommendation would be Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google +.

Obviously you could go crazy and add a lot more, but the mentions above are the main ones.

Sadly, Hour Bit Club does not have any of these pages.

If they really were legitimate they would have a social media page, because that is how you interact with your audience.

Maybe if they had a Facebook page, they would not need to fake their testimonials.

Well, unless this is another scheme, then obviously then want to fake their reviews, because they would never be any good from real people.


Hour Bit Club Contacts


Hour Bit Club Scam ReviewLooking at their contact page the way to reach this is via email

This is really not good, because emails are quite slow response time.

Imagine investing your hard earned cash stack in to Hour Bit Club and something goes wrong with your investment.

You try contacting the company, but it takes ages for them to reply, this is really not good, because the client might request their money back.

Worst comes to worst they might start making videos how you have scammed them, because there was no response from the email.

I am just speaking generally, but speaking the truth now if you invest in this business you will be disappointed.

There are way to many things going wrong then right, and we should not invest our money to shady businesses.


Hour Bit Club Faceless Scam 


There last thing I want to mention is that this business does not have evidence that this is not a scam.

There are no faces in their website, or any names specified on who is the founder of the company.

No proof has been shown to provide us with evidence that their experts actually exists and know what they are doing with our capital investment.

This just shows their level of transparency and how they are not bothered to unfold all cards.




Hour Bit Club Scam Review

Hour Bit Club seemed like a decent company at first, but the more you look the more things you find disappointing.

Their testimonials are bogus written by the developers of the site and added stock photos to look like its a real person.

There are no names mentioned on who is the creator of Hour Bit Club.

No evidence that their “experts” know what they are doing.

No social media in their website, which adds trust issues.

The only way of contact is email, which is very typical way for scammers to run their business.

I see that they do not even have a policy set up with the financial conduct authority.

Their company house is corrupt.

Final Verdict

Hour Bit Club Is A SCAM!

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