Hour Time Biz

Is it a legitimate paying business? 

What is Hour Time Biz ?

Hour time scam review

Hour Time Biz is a United Kingdom Based company that specifies in Forex and Cryptocurrencies.

They are claiming to be experts off the trading niche and have over 10 years experience in financial markets.

Their noble aim is to provide clients with different platforms so they can succeed in any niche they want to invest in.

Hour Time Biz is offering Forex services for the newcomers, because it is a hard thing to get in too.

The above statement is true, considering I have been trading 4 years in Forex, its not easy to stay consistent.

Their team of “experts” have installed a trader platform that is extremely user friendly and can be used on any computer.

They claim the platform is very unique and, because it allows one-click trading options (they have been around for ages).

Clients that do not know how to trade at all, can also join Hour Time Biz, because they have a option implemented,

that allows new comers just invest money and leave it to the experts to basically trade for them.

I would highly recommend you do not do that, considering you don’t even know who the expert is. 

They can tell you, you are in good hands, but you never are sure if there is no evidence provided.


Hour Time Biz Investment Plans 


Hour scam reviewThe company has 5 investment plans that offer 192% a day or even 1000% in 7 days.

This all sounds good and great, but when you start looking at them, do you really think you could 10 x your initial deposit in a week?.

Well 7 days, I am not sure how they are counting the 7 days, because Forex markets are open from Monday – Friday, but anyway 1000% return of initial deposit is really unrealistic.

You cannot expect to earn such huge amounts of percentages in such a short amount of time.

Considering you do not even need to do anything, have no experience and knowledge in the trading niche, I just cant believe you can make a lot of money with this.

They maximum investment on the highest paying plan is $8000 dollars now do you really think you could turn the $8000 dollar investment to $80,000 dollars in a matter of a week?

No chance, brother I am sorry to tell you if you believed in this, but this is sadly not how life works.

Trust me, I know this, because once when I was young and naive I believed in these as well, but its never as good as they say it will be.


Hour Time Biz Contact Us 


Hour scam review

The project claims to have 24/7 customer support a live chat, email and phone numbers.

Sadly, none of these are really there, well only the e-mail address, but who does not have a email these days.

So fake advertising won’t do them any good, I dislike companies that say something they do not have.

It just does not add any transparency points to the company and makes me believe they are hiding something.

Looking shady will never make them come up on top and be one of the best companies the world has seen.

They do say, their phone number is coming soon, but they have been in business for 3 months now.

In 3 months they have not managed to get a phone number, how well will they manage your finances?

Trust me, it will be pretty you will eventually lose all your money and walk away with nothing.


Hour Time Biz Social Media

Hour Time Scam Review Hour

Hour Time does have a few social media links in their website, which is good.

However, their links do not work at all, when you click on the link it just opens Facebook home page.

All of social media links just open their home pages and nothing else.

Which is sad really you cannot expect to grow far as a business without any social media.

In 2018 its essential to have links to bring audience and grow your business.

Having social media would prove their audience that they are legitimate, transparent and got nothing to hide.


Hour Time Biz HYIP and their “ratings” 


Hour Time Biz has something called “ratings” in their website, and it shows all the websites that have invested in this project.

Apparently these guys are getting paid and shows proof, which is good and shows some kind of transparency.

However, this does not mean they will keep paying and you will get a lot of money out of them.

Hour Time Biz might have done it to just prove they are legitimate at the start so they drive more traffic.

This is a fear and greed game, if you look at their recent withdrawals you can see they are all below $5.00 dollars.

Why do you think this is ? this is ,because some investors know they might get scammed and basically scam Hour Time Biz.

Investing small amounts of money will make Hour Time Biz think and withdraw some of that money, because its a small amount.

So the result is the small investors profit from these guys, but what sometimes happens a investor comes in and banks $5000 dollars.

This is where Hour Time Biz starts to be shady, because they will not want to pay you the huge return of investment percentages.

Even a 200% return of $5000 dollars would be $10,000, I don’t even want to mention a 1000% return they are talking about. 


Hour Time Biz company house


They do not have a company house certificate, but they do mention they have one in their website.

This is a false claim and just show’s how shady the company is, there are too many minuses for this to keep going.

Hour Time Biz will soon shut down without any reason and we wont see them ever again.



Hour Time Biz Scam Review

Hour Time Biz is just another High yield investment program, that might be paying at the moment.

However, it will go down like the rest of them, because eventually there will be no money coming in to the business.

The investment plan percentages are unsustainable and will definitely be the main reason for the company’s bankruptcy.

No social media pages where found, this indicates they are not transparent with their clients.

There are false claims that they have live chat and 24/7 support, none of these where found in their website,

the only way to contact them is a e-mail address, which is the most common way to scam somebody.

No company house certificate, even though it is mentioned that they have one incorporated.

Final Verdict 

Hour Time Biz IS A SCAM

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