HPX Crypto review HPX

HPX Crypto Review


HPX Crypto What Is It ?

HPX Crypto review HPX

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HPX Crypto is a cryptocurrency investment website. They claim to be the best option to make high profitable with cryptoccurencies, which we at top trading reviews believe is a very bold statement.

HPX Crypto has been running for nearly 600 days which is a lot of you ask me, but does this show any concrete evidence that this site pays is a whole other story and we will analyse all that they have to offer in this article.

HPX Crypto Returns Of Investment

HPX Crypto returns of investment are totally insane, the business claims to have a return of 40% within 33 days time, we can average this out and say a month. To put this in perspective Forex hedge fund traders a return of 50% a year and that is if they had a good year.

These guys at HPX Crypto are to make nearly 50% return with the first month. This is totally bogus and I can assure you that this project will definitely scam eventually, because it just does not make any business sense whatsoever.

The HPX Crypto business will only payout if crypto carries on increasing in prices, but what would happen if the price of cryptos would suddenly drop. Investors would be the first one to take the hit and not get any of their withdrawals out.

HPX Crypto review HPX

HPX Crypto Intro Video 

HPX Crypto video on their homepage seems super unprofessional. Bad green screen and color saturation while also there is a Asian women speaking about bitcoin. The way she says words are very unclear and it seems like she is reading a script. It just seems very unnatural for me and I can assure you this is just one of the hundred reasons why this is a scam.

HPX Crypto review HPX

HPX Crypto Social Media 

We looked everywhere and we could not find a single link that would show some kind of social media whether it would be Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. There was nothing and this just shows that the company is here to take all your money and nothing more.

Legitimate investment projects will always have a way to connect with their investors and speak about news and update’s regarding their return funds. Even in bad situation the transparent companies always tell whats going on.

However HPX Crypto is a whole other story without having any social media presence we can never know for sure if they are scammers or not, its hard to track people that invested in this project and got burned when there is no social media profile to complain or comment in.

This is why most scam internet projects never bother creating social media, because it affects their profile very hard if some of the comments from people would say its a total scam.

HPX Crypto review HPX

HPX Crypto Contact Us 

Looking at their contact us page it is clear to see they are a total scam website. HPX Crypto does not have any land line telephone number to call and no other way to contact besides a email address.

Email addresses are the number 1 way to scam someone, its very hard to track someone through a email address if you send your money to a shady website its probably curtains for you and your capital investment.

Proper investment companies would always show a office address a phone number of some sort and just be transparent in general, they would probably also have a live chat which would prove that somebody is actually working for them and its not a one man army business.

HPX Crypto review HPX

HPX Crypto Faceless 

HPX Crypto is totally faceless we do not know who they are , where they came from and what is their background with crypto currencies, what is their experience and why did they develop this investment project in the first place.

All of these questions should be answered clear on their about us page, however this is not the case with HPX Crypto. It seems like this company is made for gullible people that believe they can earn nearly twice their initial investment within a couple of months time.

No names are mentioned within the business, all the videos they have made are really bad and unprofessional. I seen a lot of business videos, but this one is definitely within a small budget and it shows.

For a business that could return 40% within a month their videos definitely do not show it. For me it is definitely clear that this website has stayed here for ages and nobody really has reported them or the government has not really had its hands on it, whatever the case its still very much a scam website.

HPX Crypto review

HPX Crypto Conclusion

To conclude this short article it is clear to see that HPX Crypto is here to take all your money and nothing more. Their investment returns are pretty high and just unsustainable for any investment business.

HPX Crypto does not have any social media presence whatsoever, which makes this project totally bogus. We live in the year 2019 and having no social media in your business its bound to fail, because everything is digitized and everyone wants to know what is going on with their investment, and what would be the best way to inform all your investors ? that’s right social media.

The business is totally faceless, we do not know what the owner of the business looks like, who are the people behind the project. There are no names mentioned nothing and since they claim to be running for nearly 600 days, I can assure you they will never mention their names, show their faces and stop stealing your money, there is no investment platform just a big fat web to pull in all your money.

Their business has been running for nearly 600 days, but their website seems like it was created within a maximum of a couple of hours, so you decide whether you want to invest in this scheme, I have my two cents.

HPX Crypto review

Final Verdict 

HPX Crypto Is A SCAM !

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HPX Crypto review HPX Crypto reviewHPX Crypto review HPX