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IS IT A SCAM OR LEGIT ? What Is It ? is a cryptocurrency cloud miner, that specializes in three types of different crypto coins such as Bitcoin, Script & Ethash. claim to be based in Australia, but we will talk more about that later in this article. seems legitimate at first, but let’s dig a little deeper and see if this is true.

Innovamine io review Returns Of Investment has insane returns of investment if you would invest $1000 dollars within two month period you would get $2000 dollars, or if you look at it annually, you would be looking at nearly six times your initial investment return.

These numbers are totally bogus and I can assure you that they will not payout, especially since you as an investor do not need to do anything at all, no time wasted just deposit and gain insane profits in a couple of months time. promote these returns however I believe they are simply too good to be true, we have seen this time and time again, where companies such as try to be the number 1 miner, etc, but totally fail to deliver. Most of these companies are scammers and its likely that is no different, time will show their true colors it always does.

Innovamine io review About Us Page & Faceless

Innovamine io about us page section literally has less than one hundred words, which does not add any transparency at all. I mean we have no idea who the company CEO’s are and who are the people behind this project.

The people behind Innovamine io are faceless we do not know what they look like, we don’t know their names, everything is over the internet and they are more than likely waiting for people gullible enough to invest in this project.

I mean the project is definitely believable, the website looks nice and their SSL certificate is on the highest level, however, this does not mean they are not a scam. These days people are doing live seminars and scamming millions, that is why I would not trust this site either. has not been featured in any premium news article at all, most big companies that would return such percentages would off had millions of interviews and shows talking about their company, however, this is not the case.

Innovamine io review Introduction Video 

So let’s get to the big one, does have a video of a guy speaking and showing their mining servers, which is great. I can’t say they are not trying hard to make this work, however, I have seen projects that have probably ten times the amount of mining servers and they turned out to be a total sham.

I have seen people develop these mining servers and after cryptocurrencies dropped, their business totally shut down, which could be a big risk to take, because nobody really knows if cryptocurrency will skyrocket or not.

My personal view on this is cryptocurrencies will exist, but eventually, there will be currencies such as the “euro crypto” “USD crypto”, because eventually everything will get digitized and once this happens the government will not allow some currency to stay in the market such as Bitcoin.

Innovamine io review How It Works 

Even though I kinda slated a little bit, I have to say the video does add a lot to their website, but you guys need to remember that their website will only survive if the cryptocurrency market keeps growing.

If the market lets say drops like it did before with bitcoin, it will ruin their company, this happened to multiple big huge organizations before and it will probably happen again, but we just do not know when.

Innovamine io review Social Media does not have a Facebook page this is a lame decision by their team, a Facebook page would add a lot more transparency to their business, attract a lot more traffic and people would be able to comments, recommend and speak to one another about their profits.

Yes, you can say they do have a telegram group, however, telegram is not the most ideal way to connect with your clients, this is because some negative comments might be deleted by the owners, or they can just make their telegram where administrators are only allowed to comment and post. does have a twitter page where it seems they are a little active over there, doing giveaways and such, however, we haven’t seen proof of them giving away anything as of yet. It could be the start of a big project company, or it could be a downfall we do not know what the future holds for

Innovamine io review Live Chat Support does not have any live chat support as of writing this article, their main way to contact them is an email address which is the number one way to scam someone. Emails are also slow and unreliable in today’s day and age.

The thought that does not have live-chat support shows that this company still needs to grow quite a bit to become the number one crypto cloud miner in 2020 as they are aiming to be.

Innovamine io review Conclusion

So the only real transparent thing is their intro video where show their mining servers, however, that is simply not enough for me to believe in them. There are companies currently in the market scamming millions out of innocent customers by literally meeting them, doing events and all sorts. Just because showed a quick 20-second video of their servers does not prove a lot, it’s probably the only leg they can stand on at the moment.

The project has insane returns of investment, which I believe are not sustainable in the long run especially when the cryptocurrencies drop to their all-time low, the company is also faceless, we do not know who the company CEO is and who are the people behind this project, their about us page literally is less than 100 words. The only other innovative thing is probably their trading platform, however, I have not tested that personally.

I believe needs time to develop and then maybe I’ll change my mind of it not being a scam, but for now, I would not touch it or invest my money into it.

Innovamine io review

Final Verdict 

Weenzee Is A SCAM !

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Innovamine io reviewInnovamine io review