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IQ Option review: IQ Option is a regulated trading broker by CySEC, it used to be only a binary options broker back in the year 2014, which has now changed due to regulations. This IQ Option review will consist of me explaining and comparing between the year 2014 IQ Option and the current 2019.

This was back when binary options trading was exciting for people getting into the industry, although binary options are not considered forex trading a lot of people started off their trading journey from IQ Options broker or similar and then eventually through endless grind developed into full-time forex traders. IQ still has the binary options mode however it has been changed quite a bit and its less fun and enjoyable then it used to be.

IQ Option Review IQ Option Review IQ Option Review

IQ Option 2014 vs 2019 

IQ Option back in 2014/2015 used to be a killer broker, it had everything, awesome support, interesting and engaging tournaments, great binary option return percentages. It was simple and easy to get in to and that is why a lot of people joined this broker, also their interface and platform was totally different from any other broker out there which made it stand out from others and look the most authentic and reliable.

IQ Option had numerous awards from regulators and it was considered one of the best brokers in 2015 which even in today’s IQ Option in 2019 are showing on their official website, they were obviously proud of that award back 4-5 years ago, but something happened, something changed in the IQ broker, maybe the management, maybe the regulations made a big impact, but its not the same anymore.

IQ Option Review IQ Option Is

IQ Option 2019 Is Lame!?

I will tell you about the wonderful binary options broker we used to have is no longer so great. Their binary options experience is kinda lame, which we can’t blame IQ Option entirely for, because of regulations, however, they also removed tournaments which was a bummer.

They made the platform more forex based, which could have been a desperate move for survival when they got hit with the binary options regulations, but trading forex on IQ  does not make sense, their spread difference is not the best, their platform is inside so it can lag and the trades can be manipulated, they do not have a MetaTrader integrated in their website.

IQ Option used to be a great broker, but it’s more of a gambling site then anything else since everything is in house trading, they can manipulate all your trades and say it’s been lagging, although its regulated this does not stop them from being fishy from time to time and there are a lot of videos to prove it.

IQ Option Review IQ Option Review

IQ Option Scammed People?! 

These are the IQ Option Review’s and there are multiple videos on YouTube currently stating that IQ Option has scammed all of their money. I personally made a video on this topic and if you want to watch it the link is at the start of this article.

If we have a look at Trustpilot reviews we can see that a lot of people are complaining that IQ has manipulated their trades, blocked their accounts with funds in them and all sorts of other shady business.

IQ Option Review

There are videos on YouTube from people talking on the phone and asking why their withdrawal is being held and the managers of IQ are rude and do not give a straight answer which is really messed up considering you won the money fair and square.

If you think I am making this up here is just one out of 170+ bad reviews from IQ Option.

IQ Option Review

There is literally a ton more bad reviews on IQ which says a lot about how the company has not shifted from being awesome to being hated by a lot of people.

Still, some people use this brokerage because they do not read reviews and there are a lot of articles currently saying IQ Option is great and you should join, however, this is no longer the case, it used to be good back in 2015, however, things change and the broker is no longer reliable.

If you really want to start trading Forex, there are literally a ton of different brokers out there that are regulated, use metatrader4 platform, which is the number one trading software out there and also give nice spread differences and actually have managers that are trying to help you not screw you over.

IQ Option Dying?! 

Just by looking at the leaderboards you can see that IQ Option is slowly losing traffic day by day and eventually will lose it all if they do not make big changes. Change must happen because there are a lot of unanswered questions from people and a lot of bad reviews about them.

Back in 2014-2015, you would have to really search hard to find a negative comment about IQ Option where now a simple google search or a youtube video explains a lot of the truth about this company.

I honestly wish the company to make changes and bring the IQ Option we all love with awesome tournaments, great managers actually engaging with their audience and all sorts of other events they used to do.

IQ Option felt like a community of awesome people, but now it’s dying and it’s just sad really that it had to come to this, scamming people, not giving all the money back is just wrong and gives trading a bad name.

IQ Option Conclusion

To conclude this IQ Option review I believe that IQ Option in 2019 is not a great choice for trading. There are better alternatives, with better spread differences, normal trading software such as metatrader4 which cannot be manipulated, unlike their in-house platform.

IQ Option has removed all the features that used to make it fun, such as tournaments and normal binary options such as minute trading and all the rest, I do understand that some of this was removed because of new binary trading regulations, however, that is what made this company fun.

Without all the cool features IQ Options is just an average broker, which you can join, however, there will always be better alternatives.

Final Verdict 

IQ Option Is Not Worth Joining 2019

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