kingcoin Review | is an HYIP investment platform, offering simple investment options for people looking to better their lives with financial freedom.

Apparently they have AI algorithms working for them constantly that are able to generate a steady income with a great return of investment ratio.

This sounds good right? However everything that sounds to good to be true probably is and here is why we believe this site is a total scam. Review | Investment Plans & Returns Review scam review Kingcoin review Kingcoin review

The returns KingCoin claims are able to get are completely insane. This picture above straight away proves to me that this company scams people for their money.

I do not need to even look at other pages of their website to tell you that you will not get a return off 3200% in 11 days time.

If we just do the math claims if you simply invest a minimum off $100 dollars in 11 days time you will have $3200.

These return percentages are next to impossible to pull off especially on the long term basis with such a small account balance and with a short period off time.

No current AI Algorithm is able to do that and even if it was able to do that the company would use it themselves, there is no need to share it with other people since you can make money on your own.

However, we know that it does not work so these scammers are looking for gullible people to believe in this fraud and invest their hard earned money.

KingCoin Review | Frequently Asked Questions (BS) Review scam review Kingcoin review Kingcoin review

KingCoin also has written out their FAQ page which is very interesting. If we look closer you will see that one of their question is “Is this a real company?”

If a company has to put this in as their FAQ trust me, they are a total scam and although they are saying they have a company house certificate that is totally fake and not true.

What the scammers did is find a company house certificate from the web since they are all public and built their website around this name to make it seem its legitimate.

One other question of their FAQs is also “when did the program start?” where they answer the question June 22nd, however, their company house certificate has a totally different story.

Its a totally different date not to mention the company also is categorized as banks, which is simply not! Review | Deposit & Withdrawals Review scam review Kingcoin review Kingcoin review

KingCoin also has a section where it shows their recent deposits and withdrawals.

You would think this feature is pretty cool especially if you are new guy to these schemes.

However, we have been reviewing these for years now, and trust me all of these websites are copies from one another, none of this information is real.

All of these deposits and withdrawals are fake or some HYIP websites do give out small withdrawals just to lure you in to invest more money and then ban you from their website.

These scammers have no mercy and why would they, if you fall for this scam you pay the price its simple as that, you should never invest in something so unreliable as a HYIP is always a gamble.

Well, a roulette gamble would be probably more profitable than investing your money in one of these shady websites.

Quick Summary is not a reliable website to make money online. We at top trading reviews believe that this website will take your hard-earned money from your pockets and leave you empty-handed. We seen this website structure multiple times and cannot believe people still fall for it, be a little smarter, and keep your money safe!

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