Lazur pro review

Lazur pro Review


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Lazur pro is a cryptocurrency cloud miner that claims to be based in the United Kingdom London. The owner of Lazur pro Mr. Benjamin Shayan claims to have imaculate customer service and their returns of investment are out of this world.

The business claims to be running since 2013 and its well established. Lazur pro claims to have a unique design to the business layout, however I personally do not see it, the only thing it does lack is uniqueness in my opinion. So is lazur pro a total scam or its quite a legitimate way to invest your money ? Lets find out. Returns Of Investment

Lazur pro claims to have returns of invesment up to 7% daily, which may not seem a lot for the untrained eye, however I can assure you that getting 7% daily is super good especially if you are a investor.

As a investor you do not need to do anything and you will get 7% back + eventually your initial deposit, that is a no brainer, however whats to good to be true probably is, and I believe that Lazur pro will not payout such percentages ever.

Folks investing in this project would return a little more then twice their initial amount of money invested, this could literally mean that if you invest in lazur pro cloud miner you could live from it very comfortably.

If a investor would supply the company $5000 dollars this would mean that in a period of 30 days the lender would get a return of more then $10,000 USD dollars, which is totally insane in my own opinion. I mean who would not want to get a free $5,000 every month without the need of moving a finger.

Lazur pro Lazur review Lazur

Lazur pro Social Media 

Lazur pro does not have any social media pages whatsoever, this is really bad for a company image as a whole, because in 2019 everything is digitized and all the investors would love to know whats going on with their investment.

The business project does not have any social media pages, because they are here to scam all your money, its very simple and most people are not gullible enough to invest in this scheme, however there will always be the desperate ones that go for it.

I mean some people are gullible or in a really bad financial situation that they start to try anything, which is a very costly habit to have, honestly you are probably better off not investing in anything if you believe this is real.

Comparing lazur pro to a normal investment platform it is clear to see they are night and day from each other. Proper financial fund management or crypto mining companies would always have social media or at least a Facebook page, because it shows transparency and it shows how the business interacts with their lenders.

Lazur pro Lazur review Lazur

Lazur pro False Address & Faceless

The lazur pro office is claimed to be somewhere in London, United Kingdom, however I have been doing this for way to long to believe this. Most of my scam reviews I have done in the past are based in United Kingdom.

The reason for scammers basing themselves in the United Kingdom is because they can get a company house certificate and show it inside their website, which obviously for some people proves the company is legitimate, although it probably is not the case.

Lazur pro also does not have any faces shown on their website, they have one, but its a total stock photo found on google which does not count. Also they claim to have a CEO named Mr. Benjamin Shayan, but I just do not believe this name is real at all.

The lazur pro business does not have any names mentioned on who their “professional team” is behind the computer screens, which makes this business totally hidden and we do not know anything about them.

Lazur pro Lazur review Lazur

Lazur pro About Us & Fake Numbers

Their about us page has less then hundred words, this is a major issue with the company if we do not know who their are, where they came from and what they do, why would you invest your hard earned money.

Lazur claims to have been running since 2013, but I simply do not see it, their website seems to be created very quickly with a few templates and they just changed it a little bit to make it more “authentic” however I see from them and I totally believe this company is bogus.

They phone number is totally fake as well, if you put their name on google it will come up with a few different companies using the same one. This indicates that they do not really have a phone number line.

Lazur pro probably expects people to call and if they hear someone answer they can hang up and claim its legitimate, however that is totally not the case, these guys will suck all your money and run away, and you would be able to do anything because they are faceless.

Lazur pro review

Lazur pro Conclusion

Looking at lazur pro it is clear for me that this company is here to steal all your money. The investment percentages are totally bonkers and unsustainable. Their website does not look amazing or unique as they say. The business does not have any social media whatsoever which is super important in today’s day and age, but obviously not for this business.

The project does not have any real names mentioned in their website and their about us page is around 50 words tops, we as investors do not know anything about this company which is super alarming when you are depositing your hard earned money. A proper company would never lie about their business, would not be faceless, would have proper social media to connect with their clients and have real phone numbers and business address.

Lazur pro is just another scam website which we should totally ignore and not invest our hard earned money, there are many other better alternatives then this cloud mining scheme.

Lazur pro review Lazur

Final Verdict 

Lazur pro Is A SCAM !

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Lazur pro review Lazur pro reviewLazur pro review Lazur pro review