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Legion Trade What Is It ?

Legion Trade HYIP

Legion Trade is a new high yield investment program also known as a HYIP. Legion Trade claims to have its own unique style of financial management, they are so confident in their investment plans that Legion Trade claims none of their investors are risking their own money and can be rest assured that you will be profitable.

This sounds amazing, but what we have learned from the years of experience reviewing these HYIP’s is that most of the time, what is too good to be true, probably is. Legion Trade claiming to have their investors risk free is just purely a lie, even with small risk investments like real estate, you are still risking money that the price of houses would drop and you would lose out on some sort of money gain.

Legion Trade stating that its risk free, is one of the first indicators that this website is probably here to take all your money and leave once the authorities start to investigate, most of these HYIP’s never get caught, because they dip before the government even knows what happened, and leaves gullible investors with a loss of thousands.

Legion Trade Returns Of Investment 

LegionTrade does have some incredible returns of investment of 10% daily per 20 days period, this is considered a very high percentage gain back especially since the investors do not need to spend time on doing any of the work, the Legion Trade team would be doing everything for them.

This itself is another indicator that this is probably to good to be true, if you just think about it logically you could potentially invest a huge capital amount in to LegionTrade.biz and live off its returns of investment, however this will probably never be the case, more then likely this company will be closed down and these scammers will open a new one up under a different name and scam more and more people, that is what they do.

Legion Trade HYIP

Legion Trade Social Media

LegionTrade.biz does not have a lot of social media, they only have a Facebook page that is honestly abandoned not much is going on there, and the only recommendation on their page is some guy that actually advertises Legion Trade, probably some sort of affiliate judging from the links he’s giving.

Not much comments or like on the Facebook page as well, on their recent post they say they have 650 members although none of them are really commenting and sharing their experience with the company this leads me to believe that Legion Trade is definitely up to something and are probably just manipulating the gullible people to investing in this company.

They do also have a telegram chat group, however I do not count this as social media, because its a group. Legion Trade can delete or ban a user by speaking the truth, what I mean by that if a investor would say legion trade is not paying in their telegram chat room, the admin can just kick the person out and delete his comment, solving all the problems at once.

Legion Trade HYIP

Legion Trade Company House 

Legion HYIP is not showing any company house or details in general on who the owner of this project is, everything is done through the internet and no faces are shown. This leads me to believe they are scared to show their face, which would mean they are up to no good.

All legitimate businesses would have something written in their “about us” page regarding the owner of the organisation and other team members associated with the company, they would not be scared to show themselves and actually believe in the project that it actually works.

Sadly LegionTrade.Biz is not doing that and it is clear to see why, their website is super simple, not much is written about the company and how it actually works, they are talking about how they have different strategies for investing, however they do not really mention what they actually do with your money for any returns of investment.

Legion Trade HYIP

Legion Trade Support Team 

Legion HYIP support team is none existent, the live chat is not working and nobody is really there to speak to you about the company or your funds invested. It does have specified working hours, however I believe that if a company is really that good live chat support should be 24/7 all the time, you can also email them, but we all know how HYIP’s work when you email them,  you never get a response back.

The only time Legion Trade will give you a response back on your email address is if you have written you want to invest money, then they will try their best to persuade you in to investing some money and going to be really helpful, after that is done you will not see much support from them at all.

Legion Trade HYIP

Legion Trade Conclusion

Honestly Legion Trade HYIP is definitely not the best company to invest in, we do not know clearly why did they create this company in the first place, how Legion Trade actually works and where the investors money is going to create more money. There are not much social presence from legion trade and the only page they have is Facebook, which is totally abandoned, they are not getting any likes on their posts and comments which is super weird considering they claim they have 650+ clients invested in this scheme.

Their returns of investment are super high and it would be really hard to manage and give each investor all the money back with only a 20 day time period, considering that the company also claims to have risk free approach to all their investing plans which just simply is not true, everything comes with a risk, whether it would be a small or high everything has risks involved, its called investing for a reason. Its a blatant scam and you should stay away from Legion Trade HYIP.

Legion Trade HYIP

Final Verdict 

Legion Trade Biz Is A SCAM !

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