Lux Earn 

Is This A Well Thought out Scheme? 

What is Lux Earn ? 


lux scam review

Lux earn is a company that is based in Australia, which has been running for over 3 years now.

This is quite a goal and makes you think that they should be doing something right to keep their

business alive for such a long time, however it does not mean they are legitimate.

They do have the SSL padlock which also has their company name on, which means they have

the most expensive and the best security out there, however even that does not mean they are

a paying company, because they are just another high yield investment program, and eventually

they all collapse one way or another, and more then likely the same faith awaits for Lux earn.


More about Lux Earn 


When you look at their about us page it is very clear to see that they are not a serious business.

Lux Earn has a lot of fluff talk saying how good their business model is and how much money

you could potentially make, however they have images around the text to make you believe

its actually them, when you google search the image they are just stock photos which can

be found in various different websites and used in different commercial schemes.

They have people’s image and board room meetings as pictures around the text ,however

they do not mention their company CEO’s or anything like that so when you see a

person’s photo on their website, you do not even know who he actually is and what is the

actual purpose of having the photo there in the first place, I have attached a few pictures

just so you can see what I mean by it.


Lux Earn Investment Plans 


lux earn scam

There is like a ton of investment plans with variety of different deals and prices

on offer, however they all together just do not make any sense, some of them return a

considerably smaller amount then the other without any explanation on why that is or

what is the benefit of having one plan then the other.

Some of their plans apparently return 14,000% within a period of 100 days, so 3 months.

These kind of percentages are bogus, unrealistic and simply unsustainable, if people

would get these huge percentages without the need of doing anything, the society would

crash because nobody would be working 9-5 jobs and laboring in other jobs, because

they can just simply invest and become millionaires over a few months.

So obviously targeting people that want to get rich quickly or somebody that is

old and just does not know how investing works, whatever the case it may be they are

definitely stealing money and not returning such percentages and that is a straight up fact.

Its actually sad for me that people actually believe that they can make so much money with

little to no effort at all.


Lux Earn Video Reviews 


lux earn scam

They have these videos posted on their homepage its from random people that made

YouTube videos and they are basically saying they have made half a million in less then two weeks.

One of the videos made me laugh its literally a fella that has a minecraft introduction and he is

talking seriously how he has made $400,000 in a couple of months, you literally cannot take him

seriously, and its definitely not true I can GUARANTEE YOU, these video maker probably where

offered to create some type of video for the company in exchange for a small monetary pay.

Which is sad really however that is what is actually going on in the real world and you cannot change that.

Some of their videos are so amateur its actually funny I mean if a company that is actually providing

such incredible returns, don’t you think they would have a social media team, website developers and

video creators that will do a top notch job to advertise their business and make it number one in the

fund management business, however I know for a fact they do not have any of that hence why they

need to rely on other small you-tubers to make their scheme effective so that Lux earn can actually

scam somebody else’s money and make so money themselves.


A little more about Lux Earn investment scheme and how it works 


So why do you think they have you will earn 10,000% in 100 days? because it gives them time,

its 100 days which is 3 months they can actually show you that your balance is growing within

that period of time and the last two weeks or 1 week they can just change some numbers and

tell you that you have lost all your money, because of some various reasons and you cannot

really do anything, because its considered investing and there is never anything 100%

guaranteed that you will succeed or make any money from investing, and lux earn can use this

to their advantage and make stuff up and go with the flow as long as you invest they have already

won the battle, and they do not care whether you gain or lose, more then likely you will lose all

your money unless you have invested a very small amount, then maybe the company will pay out

just to gain you as a investor trust and will probably wait till you invest again with a bigger amount,

this is when they will turn around and scam you, and you won’t be able to do anything, so be careful.




lux earn scam review

Looking at their overall website and what it has to offer it is clear to say they are not serious.

They have investment plans that are totally unrealistic and unsustainable, if they actually paid out

these percentages they would go bankrupt within the first 3 months, guaranteed.

They also have a lot of stock photos and their about us page does not tell a lot about them, they

only talk about their business in general, there are no specific people mentioned and who is

actually the owner of the job or what does the team of people consist of, its just another faceless scam.

All of their photos mentioned and shown can be found in google search, which does not add any

transparency, they also do not have a Facebook page which is the biggest social media platform out

there for businesses to get noticed and in 3 years of running the business there is literally no excuse for

not having one.

Final Verdict

Lux Earn Definitely A SCAM! 

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