Crypto Maximus Bot Trading Scam ReviewThe online world is filled with new cryptocurrency systems at the moment, with the recent massive rise of bitcoin and other alternative cryptocurrencies, no wonder people are taking their opportunity to try and invest in one of them, to hopefully yield a great return in their investment. We have heard of other “Maximus projects” before and they where scams, so it was no surprise that something similar might come out in near future, so we introduce the “Crypto Maximus Bot Trading Scam Review”

To be fair it actually did not sound to bad at first, people that are new to trading and do not know about such systems, might be generally intrigued and persuaded to invest their hard earned money in to such cryptocurrency trading systems, because lets admit it, people love making a quick buck, or there are also people that do not know where to invest their money in and since cryptocurrencies were really big recently new investors might have been searching for a new way to put their money in to somewhere productive and make a good return in their investment on the longer run.


The new Maximus Crypto Bot is a SCAM?


Thats what people like to know about the new so called money maker and easy to set up and run system.

Maximus crypto bot is a newly developed automated system that will generate “accurate” signals and make profiting through financial markets very easy, the website claims to have up to 93% of trade success within the financial markets, the system claims to generate around 10-15 signals each day and it claims to be the system everyone will use in the future that sounds AMAZING and GREAT but is Maximus Crypto Bot really that EASY? Well lets find out !



How is the website looking? 

After looking in to the website there really is a huge lack of legitimacy in the system and in their website itself, it looks like a good old scam website and the person in the video (picture bellow) is a paid actor to sell the website and the system, that already raises your alarms and generally thinking it raises your awareness that Maximus Crypto Bot is telling porkies, and the system probably 99% of the times is a total SCAM, but lets look at the other side of the coin, we could think the creator of such profitable system is just shy and does not want to be seen so he just paid people to market the system for him.


Is Maximus Bot SCAM OR LEGIT? 

This system was apparently created with the “best” indicators such as : RSI,STOCHASTIC, BOLLINGER BANDS,CCI and MACD and they claim that the system does not take a trade if 3 out of all the indicators does not reach the right requirements, that all just sounds to good, too good for the fact to be true. WHY? Lets find out


Generally trading systems with indicators or just technical traders they do not make more then 60% maybe 65% if we really pushing it and that system just sounds to good to be true, and you know what they say if it sounds to good to be true, do not believe it, unless I told you so! haha back to blog.


I have seen people promoting Maximus Crypto Bot on social media, but that does not mean its legit, honestly looking at the videos on the internet. My team and I analysed that this system actually DOES NOT WORK, people claim to make $200 a day, and this trading system works through all sorts of market volatility and that it can do all sorts of strategies for example: reversal, hedging and straddle strategies which is total BS.


The Maximus bot system links with other brokers where you fund your trading account and trade with the system, but the problem is the brokers that are affiliated with Maximus trading system are shady and 99% will leave you out of the money.


The Maximus Crypto Bot will more then likely leave you without your money after investing and your hard earned money will be lost to these scam brokers and the maximus trading system, they will share your money while leaving you with nothing, so the BEST trading system of 2018 is DEFINITELY NOT MAXIMUS BOT. There is more then enough evidence to weight the scales to the SCAM side instead of the legit side.

Proof of positive results? 

The system does not even have proof of the positive results they are talking about in the system, claiming they generate 93% win/lose ratio is crazy without providing any evidence that the system can actually generate these impressive results, my team and myself are thinking the system is probably generating the 7% which is the win and the 93% which is the losses, because its linked with shady brokers, the system looks shady, the website looks shady, nobody really knows who the owner or the creator of such system is.

The system says it operates with technical indicators, but the more I have researched the more it seems that the system is just a a random signal generator, it might be even a copy of a old SCAM system and its just running wool over peoples eyes, trying to get people to invest in their non-profitable system and make money out of other peoples pockets.



  • None its a SCAM


  • Paid actors
  • Scam website
  • Fake promises




The creator of Maximus Crypto Bot are making false promises, posting false winning percentages and paying people on social media to advertise this product that it actually works, which is a total LIE. The system does not work, honestly if you go to their website and you have some years behind your back with trading, you will straight away spot that the system is claiming impossible things. Maximus Crypto Bot is just a typical, old, washed up SCAM PROJECT that is  no good for anyone, and we at HIGHLY ADVICE PEOPLE TO STAY AWAY FROM IT!


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