Mining Tower Biz What Is It ?

Mining tower biz review

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Mining tower biz is a cryptocurrency mining investment platform, where you can invest a lot of money and in return the company claims to give you insane percentages back, that probably even Bill Gates or Jeff Bezos would struggle to pay off, if enough people signed up for this scheme. claims to be reliable and trustworthy investment platform, but I simple do not see it since, there are a variety of different problems we need to point out, before even making any cash deposits in to this scheme, let me explain.

Mining Tower Biz Returns Of Investment

Mining tower biz returns of investment are totally insane, even their smallest plan returns 10% daily forever, so if you would invest a full bitcoin at the end of the month or 30 days time you would have 3 bitcoins back, which is totally unrealistic numbers and I can assure you nobody gives out bitcoin like that ever, remember what is too good to be true, probably is. also has different plans which are totally bonkers, if you would just invest 1 bitcoin, you would get 20 bitcoins back within 60 days time, without the need of doing anything, this company is expecting gullible people to invest in this and believe that this scheme actually pays and works, I can assure you guys no company in the world will be giving out 20 bitcoins anytime soon or probably ever.

Especially since you as a investor do not need to do anything and invest any of your time to make any of the profits mining tower biz claims to return you, its definitely to good to be true and it will definitely scam all your money, I promise.

Mining tower biz review

Mining Tower Biz Transparency & Support does not have any transparency within their business website. There is literally no more then 150 words on their “about us” section and it does not really say anything, besides a lot of fluff talk that most scammers are using.

We as investors want to know who are the people behind this business project, who is the company CEO and who are the people that developed this project and why does it actually work so well and make so much bitcoin, all of these questions need to be answered and more.

Mining tower biz does not have any live chat service available on their website, this just shows how unprofessional this platform is. Thinking about it logically if they would be able to return 20 bitcoins within 60 days time, they would definitely be able to afford a live chat service, marketing agents all more on their website, but this is not the case.

The only way to contact them is a email address which is the number one way to scam someone, while they do have a phone number, I tried calling them and nobody answered at all.

Mining tower biz review

Mining Tower Biz Social Media

Although they do have social media, when you look at their Facebook page it is clear to see that they are deleting comments from other people, most of these scams do that to prevent other investors from seeing negative comments such as “its a scam do not invest” to obviously not be put off to investing in this scheme.

They can filter out and delete their comments, but unfortunately for them Facebook still shows that somebody has modified or filtered the comments, which means they are hiding something, also their comments in general are very stale or just affiliated, no real comments going about and no real interaction seen.

Mining tower biz review

Mining Tower Biz Spelling Mistakes have a lot of spelling mistakes on their website, which does not add any brownie points from a investors point of view. If they are able to make so much money with this platform, they would be able to spell check and have a person managing their page, trust me.

Mining Tower Biz Company House

Although this Mining Tower Biz scheme has a company house certificate I do not believe its a real one. Most of the scam reviews I have done in the past have company house details registered, because its very easy to do so.

Scammers tend to use United Kingdom as their main go to country to be located in, because they have access to this company house certificate to make themselves appear legitimate, however they are here to take all your money and leave before the government is able to track or do anything at all.

Mining tower biz review

Mining Tower Biz Deposits & Withdrawals

This company has only been running for 13 days however they already claim to have withdrawn 4000+ worth of bitcoin to their clients, please tell me how is this possible when most of their plans have 30 day or 60 day policy, they obviously have the 10% return of investment, but trust me that is not enough to have 4000+ bitcoin withdrawals within not even a two weeks time.

Whats more ridiculous they apperently had 27,000 thousand bitcoins invested within 13 days time, which is bonkers, that is literally millions of dollars for a new company that has spelling mistakes, random Facebook comments, and more.

I mean this website did not even feature in any business article to be able to claim they got their traffic from there, I can assure you guys this is 100% a scam and you should not waste your time and money on this business.

Mining tower biz

Mining Tower Biz Conclusion

Mining Tower Biz is totally bonkers and insane from top to bottom. Their investment plans are ridiculous and unsustainable only a few companies in the world would ever be able to pay out such return percentages. Their website has a lot of spelling mistakes and it also claims to have a great team behind this project, however this is simply not the case and is just another faceless scam.

Most of their social media is filled with affiliates just linking one another and hoping to get a referral. No live chat or transparency to be found in this project and its just totally a mess, they website is just generic and does not seem unique at all. Its just another scam website we should ignore and move on from.

Mining tower biz scam review

Final Verdict 

Crypto Master Bot Is A SCAM !

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Mining tower biz scam reviewMining tower biz scam review