What is Morexcellent ltd service ?

Morexcellent ltd service


Morexcellent ltd is just another Ponzi-scheme.

It has been open since 13th August 2018

They claim they are involved in recycling, environmental protection and other stuff.

So you basically invest your funds in to environment issues, and you will make money.

That is all I can tell you ,because not a lot of it is explained clearly.

There are videos around Bitcoin in that website, but it talks about paper and plastic.

We invest money in plastic and paper, preservation of the environment which apparently is a stable business.

I understand that keeping environment clean is a good thing, but I just do not see the relevance between Bitcoin and preservation of paper and plastic.

It seems to me that they do not know what they want to do, no clear path has been drawn.

Morexcellent ltd service

Morexcellent ltd Social Media 



Currently they have no social media pages displayed on their website.

There are no links or even references that there will be one.                                                                                               Morexcellent ltd service

This is very shady behavior from Morexcellent ltd, there is no real proof or anything that this website grants promises.

In 2018 every company should have a minimum of a Facebook page, because they need to reach and talk to their investors.

At the very least they should use social media marketing to get more traffic in to their website.                               Morexcellent ltd service

None of this is happening right now, which leads be to believe they are hiding something.

More then likely they are hiding the fact that this company will close in the near future and wont give folks their money back.


Morexcellent ltd support team 



The support team they have is not a very good one to be honest.

The only way to contact them regarding support is by email.

This method of support is very slow, unreliable and usually not very effective.

This is not good when dealing with somebody’s invested cash.

In today’s society people love things that are instant, quick and easy.                                 Morexcellent ltd service

Unfortunately this is not the case with Morexcellent email support will be to slow.

Not only that, but email support is the main thing for scammers to use when dealing with money.

This is, because they do not need to answer you straight away, they can go away for a hour and think of something smart to say, to calm the customer down.

Imagine if something went wrong and they had a phone numbers, investors would start storming them with calls and developers would have to deal with it.

Even worse if they have scammed all of their investors funds, there would be a ton of calls, but because they have an email, there will be no calls and they can forget about emails.


Who is behind the development of Morexcellent 



Currently these is no CEO Founder mentioned under Morexcellent’s website.

They are saying they love environment and working very hard with plastic and paper etc.                                 Morexcellent ltd service

Suppose they are doing a good job, why would they not mention somebody’s name that could represent the company?

I have an answer, Because there are not really investing in paper & plastic, they probably punting your money away.

Maybe even stashing it in his/hers sock and we as customers cant do nothing about it, the only thing we can do is no longer invest.

Seriously though, there is no evidence that these guys are legitimate, it seems to me they are just another faceless scam.

These guys are running another Ponzi-Scheme and poor folks are actually trying these fake websites to make some cash.

Morexcellent Returns of investment 



Morexcellent Ltd has a incredible return of investment considering they are working with plastic and paper.

They are offering 600% return of your investment in less then 3 days.

Does this sounds realistic to you? I hope not, there is no legitimate website in the world that could sustain such gains.                                          Morexcellent ltd service 

This leads us to believe these percentages are deceptive and considering all the other mentions above this is just a pure scam.

Even their minimum plan apparently earns investors up to 124% in less then 2 days, which is crazy anyway.

In a perfect world if you would get 40% return of your investment a year that would be really good.

Usually that is what hedge fund traders to get around 20-40% a year, if they achieve that its a good year.

Now Morexcellent have to be the limit breaker and offer everyone unrealistic returns, the sad part is people actually buy that.

They are buying in and believe these schemes will make them millionaires quicker then anyone that actually puts in work.

Guys, if you really like to invest your capital 


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Morexcellent is a nicely developed Ponzi-Scheme, they might pay you at first, but this wont last forever, I can assure you on that.

People are actually investing in this scheme small amounts of cash to make a little bit of money, because Morexcellent needs to prove themselves that they process withdrawals.

So it becomes a greed and fear game, what I mean by that is investors will invest capital and Morexcellent will pay more more withdrawals.

Eventually investor or Morexcellent will pull out the game and take all the funds leaving one of them vulnerable.

Its crazy I know, but this is happening right now as we speak.                                                                                      Morexcellent ltd service

There is also real investors that actually invest $1000, but these investors get scammed, because companies such as Morexcellent do not have the cash flow to pay their ridiculous returns of investment.

To conclude this article we believe this is another faceless scam, that has no social media pages and no contacts, there is literally no transparency between us and the developers, this company lacks trust and I highly recommend to not invest your cash in to this scheme.

Final Verdict

Morexcellent LTD is A SCAM !!!

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