Mutual Hash Crypto Miner Scam Review

So what is Mutual Hash? 


Mutual Hash, is a crypto currency miner, they have opened their  “Cloud miner” and people can join their mining services from as low as $10 dollars, which is very affordable.


Mutual Hash, essentially offers a hassle free service, basically invest in one of their plans and make money in a few weeks, which sounds amazing does in it !? Well… we will get in to that in a minute.


Having a look at Mutual hash website 


The website looks quite nice actually, it has a nice flow to it, the colors are sorted accordingly.

Everything really seems okay, they have a social media page, which they have installed recently, the site calculator works and it shows the profits you could be making if you invest in one of their plans.

Then again, I have read their Facebook page, a lot of people are saying do not invest or their withdrawals are definitely not coming through as fast as they say they are.

They have a nice “SSL green padlock” that shows their company name, which costs quite a bit, but I still do not believe them.


The main problem about Mutual Hash and mining in general 


Mutual Hash is promising people 10% daily profits which is you look at it, is a very very high expectation, that is at least 300% a month, and there is currently nothing on the financial markets that can generate a return of investment of 300%.

I mean, if there was such a system, it would be great, everybody would be making quite a bit of money, and be very happy, shit if I knew this was not over exaggerated , I would invest in it.

The thing is they might not be full time scammers, but they are definitely not paying as much as they say they are, that I can guarantee you.

In their frequently asked questions, you can see that, they take your initial deposit and you cannot withdraw it, it is included daily payouts that you will be receiving, so in other words they might be paying you 12% or whatever, but they will pay you with the money you have deposited in.

The company is struggling if you look at their Facebook page, it was not active since may and everybody in their is asking questions around their deposits and not getting answers, which makes the company not so transparent.

There are other, more successful companies out there, which have massive mining servers and they are struggling to keep the business running so I do not think a guy that has created a company 5 months ago, will have a chance to survive in this business.

I mean, if the big boys cant survive what chances do a smaller guy has? the answer is not a lot.

There is a chance the company survives and becomes a successful cryptocurrency mining site, but what are the chances that will happen? are you willing to invest your hard earned money in to a project that might fall down under in the near future.

If you ask me, the answer is obvious, there are other ways to make money and at the moment of time this is not it, you would probably end up banking more money if you buy’ed Bitcoin or some cryptos that are new and actually have sense behind the coin which result in a great momentum push, that would make you quite a bit of money, but investing in to this website is risky, and personally I would not do it.

Comparing the big boys with Mutual Hash 


There is a big boy company that has massive and I mean massive room of servers that mine cryptocurrencies, I will leave a video of my new video you can check it out and find the big boys I am talking about.

They have Instagram with people promoting their website, you can see that its a massive project, answering all their facebook posts and stories, they are a solid company, well at least you would think.

Which causes me to believe that Mutual Hash, does not have a chance in standing with the big boys, not because there is not enough people that will pay for these services, because cloud mining is actually on a verge of destruction, the companies are struggling to meet peoples results which causes people to leave, and the companies cash flow becomes lower and lower, then suddenly it hits them, that they cannot afford servers anymore and miners are not worth it.

I mean there was a lot of miner websites out there in the past, and look where they are now? Nowhere.

So I really think its the matter of time, when both of these companies the big boy and this Mutual Hash will shutdown and close their services, because there is just not enough liquidity behind the financial market.

If you really want to invest in cryptocurrencies, just purchase them online and keep them in a online wallet, that way it will probably be safe and sound, and if the cryptocurrency value increases well then congratulations you have made some profit, but for now I would not bother with these miners.

There is nothing in the world that is easy, you have to put in the effort to make some money trust me, if you think purchasing a plan and money will start coming in well then you are wrong, money does not come in like that, money does not like lazy people, you can only be lazy once you made it, if you have not made it you need to create something, believe in it and work to manifest it in real life.



Mutual Hash is a nice website, that has 24/7 support and claims to be giving 10% returns of investment. I think this is just a fluff piece, because as we discussed above, the biggest miner websites are crumbling, so why would a new website such as Mutual Hash succeed and payout such incredible returns of investment, I mean 300% a month is crazy, if that was real people would be like wasps in the hive try to get as much money as possible, but trust me this website might not be a scam as much, but I would not invest my money in it ether, its believe its going to crumble. 


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