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My Invest Bit Scam Review 

What is My Invest Bit ?


My Invest Bit

Apparently it is a global investment company based in the United Kingdom.

They have a registration number for the company and sadly its totally bogus, but more on that later.

My Invest Bit is basically a project you invest your money in and you will copy the expert traders.

However, they do say in sense that they can trade for you and it seems like this is what will happen.

So you invest and these “Expert traders” will use your capital to trade Forex and make money.

Which does not sound like to bad of a idea, if they would be experts.

Sadly, there is no proof or evidence about their experience in the financial markets, more on that later.


My Invest Bit Investment Plans


My Invest Bit scam

The companies investment plans are totally unrealistic and over exaggerated to the max.

They have a profit calculator and if you put $1000 dollars as a deposit it shows $7,900 dollars return in 7 days.

Do you really think that this is possible? Please tell me you said no.

The biggest and most established companies in the world struggle to get 40% a year return.

A association having such returns of investment would not survive for very long, and would be out of capital, before you know it.

If big boys cant do it, how can a little new project such as My Invest Bit be able to do it ? They cant.

Unless the association was made by a Mexican drug lord, there is no way My Invest Bit can sustain these returns.


My Invest Bit Social Media 


My Invest Bit review

Looking at their social media pages, there is little information about them.

They have icons on the website that show they “have them”, but sadly none of them work.

Which is really bad for a new company especially in today’s digital society.

Social Media is everything and if they really want to be the biggest and baddest in the world, they need a huge client base.

A minimum of a Facebook page would do them good, and if they are legitimate and provide such percentages,

they would definitely be on top in no time, however I know for a fact these guys are scammers, so they better

stay were they are and leave the poor people that invest in these sites alone.

No social media means there is a lack of communication between the investors and the developers of My Invest Bit.

Having it would show transparency of the company, it would show they have nothing to hide,

especially if they have client feedback that would back their statements up, it would be a strong argument to claim

they are a scam, but for now it is blatantly obvious these guys are not serious and are here for a short period of time.

My Invest Bit legal ? 


My Invest Bit scam review

So we where looking at the company house certificate and could not find one anywhere.

We tried everything and every variation that they might have registered their company on.

Sadly we could not find anything, but they do have a company house number that is stated on their website.

So, we check it out and you would be surprised what we have found.

The company number is definitely stolen from a different association, because when we put the number in,

it comes up with the “electric cars ltd”, which is obviously not the name of My Invest Bit.

This just proves that these guys are just here to take your money and we highly suggest to stay away from them.


My Invest Bit About us 


There is no about us page provided inside their website, which is really shady.

We have no information of who they are, and how the project was created.

There are no names mentioned anywhere inside the website, no companies founder and CEO.

No experience is mentioned with their “experts”.

We as clients really need all that information to develop a opinion whether we want to invest in these guys or not.

Without the information we do not know who will have our money and manage it correctly.

Simply, we cannot trust somebody random to take our capital and do whatever they want with it.

Very shady, unprofessional and totally bogus project that needs to be stopped.


My Invest Bit Contact us 


They have a contact us page, which I have to give it to them, has a phone number.

This is good and shows a little transparency, however there are to many wrongs to make this scheme believable.

Even though they have numbers and even live chat that actually works, this does not prove a thing.

The association is obviously lying and are very shady, I would not trust a nickel with them, cant even talk about hundred’s of dollars.


My Invest Bit Layout and Colors


The companies website just does not look crisp and professional in general.

It lacks design and does not add any legitimacy points to their pocket.

There is text outside lines, images moving randomly when you don’t need them too.

I could probably go all day, its just simple a bad website, and considering they can make you 8 times your deposit,

it is hardly believable, if they cannot even get a normal developer to create their website.




My Invest Bit review scam

My Invest Bit is just another Ponzi-Scheme created by faceless scammers.

There are too many things that have gone wrong for them, there are no company house certificate,

no proof of the financial conduct authority, their company house number provided is invalid and

when checked shows a different association, they have no social media engagement in their website,

no client testimonials and reviews that are actually legitimate. All of their testimonials are written by the site owner,

because they are using stock images and fake names, check out my video to see proof.

Final Verdict

My Invest Bit Is A SCAM

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