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Can this be legitimate? 

What is Navy Inc  ? 

Navy Inc Scam Review

Navy Inc  is a global investment company.

Throughout many years their “experts” traded Forex and where involved in the financial markets.

Navy Inc was developed, because of the burning desire to help others achieve financial freedom.

There is a lot of other fluff in their description, honestly its badly written.

I feel like their page “about us” was written by a 12 year old kid, who is still learning to developed proper sentences.

The people behind the project might be not English speaking per say, but that is not a excuse.

When money, becomes involved why want everything to be pitch perfect, no spelling mistakes.

It just adds a bad feeling when reading, you start to doubt yourself, and ask questions.

If they can’t manage to write a few sentences about their association properly, what do we expect when they get our money?

I might be over exaggerating myself, but honestly when you invest money you need to be 100% sure it is worth it.

Obviously investing always involves risk, but you do not need to deposit in something that might potentially deceive you.


Navy Inc HYIP Investment Plans 


The project has 8 investment plans, the biggest plan you can purchase is returning 250% in 3 days.

This is 2500% return of investment in a month, I wish to tell you this was real, but no impossible.

If you really think you can earn 2500% in a month by doing absolutely nothing, you have another thing coming.Navy Inc Scam Review

That is not how life works, you can’t just find a get rich scheme and make millions.

If you would invest $1000 dollars and would compound the 2500% in a month you would be a millionaire in less then a year.

Which really is crazy to think about, a new company is offering these kinds of returns, how do they sustain and maintain their business.

Well, they sustain the business by not paying their clients, all of these high yield investment programs are designed to scam you.

Let me explain, it is always a fear and greed game with them they might pay you small amounts of money, but once you

deposit a huge amount lets say $1000 dollars minimum, do you really think you will get a return a crazy return of 2500% a month.

No way, they will just ignore you, and start being shady basically doing whatever it takes for you to forget about your investment.

The sad part is, there is little you can do to catch them, the only thing they have is a email address.


Navy Inc HYIP Social Media 

navy review

The association does not have any social media created, which really is bad for them.

The only thing they have in the page are the social media icons of Facebook and Twitter,

sadly when you click on them ,they reopen Navy Inc HYIP homepage and nothing more.

Not having social media in 2018 is a business killer, its become an essential tool for business.

If Navy Inc HYIP wants to be the best and really has a burning desire to help people, they need

to implement and create social circles that generates traffic bring attention and they can easily communicate with their clients.

Communicating with clients is important and essential to maintain trustworthy clients, without communication its a far fetch.

Having a minimum of Facebook would be great for the business, because it would bring traffic,

while also clients could be sharing new ideas for the company or show everyone their results with Navy Inc HYIP.

Showing results would add proof and evidence in to the mix, which would definitely liven up the company and make it work.

Word of mouth is one of the strongest things out there, so if people start talking about Navy-Inc HYIP its just a matter of time,

before they pop out and become one of the biggest investment providers in the world.

However, Navy Inc HYIP does not do any of the above points mentioned, which is really sad.

This project does not help itself by not having the tools mentioned above, and the project will eventually fail.


Navy Inc HYIP Contact us & About us 


The only way to contact them is a email address which is the most common tool for scammers.

They use e-mail addresses so they can not be reached easily and it is very hard to track them.

If they really are a legit company they need phone numbers, apps or live chat.

Without a normal way of communicating with your clients, the business will never go anywhere.

The project has a about page, however there is literally no valuable information provided.

There are no names mentioned on who is involved in the project or at least the companies CEO.

No photos and pictures provided, they also talk about they have experts in their project, but

have no shown any evidence that these experts actually know what they are doing.

Its easy to say it, but honestly if you are a expert I need to know your background,

your experience and your knowledge, or just a couple sentences about themselves and what they did.

This would help out so much, and would show some transparency in the company.

It would also show they are believing in their project and everybody will be making money, which is

what their companies aim actually is.


Navy Inc HYIP Companies house certificate or FCA


No companies house certificate or the Financial conduct authority was registered with Navy Inc HYIP.

This just adds icing on the cake, there is literally nothing legitimate about this site.




Navy Inc HYIP is just another Ponzi-Scheme.

Their investment plans are unsustainable and the company won’t last long with them.

They have no social media, which add’s shadiness to the association.

The only way to contact them is a email address which is number 1 tool for scammers to use.

No company house certificate or FCA registration was found.

Spelling mistakes and bad sentence formulations.

The layout of the website just does not look organised.

Final Verdict 

Navy-Inc HYIP 

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