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Scam Or Legit? 

What is Netta Chain Ltd ? 


Netta Chain Review

Netta Chain Ltd is a cryptocurrency trading service, which was founded by veteran traders. 

These traders have been working in the stock market for more then 10 years, well 

at least that is what they are claiming to have. 

Their mission statement is to provide reliable and profitable management system for all their members.

They are seeking to grow and safeguard the investment of all our clients in a manner that maximizes profitability and trust.

Apparently their whole system is built on a state of art quantitative models.

quoting “Consistent profits be generated as long as there’s volatility in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies prices”

As you can see above, the sentence is kinda of messed up, which leads me to believe these guys might mess up with my money as well.

All we as investors want is a reliable and trustworthy source, with great attention to detail.

However, these guys are making mistakes in their sentences, but obviously this is not enough to prove they are a scam.

Netta Chain Ltd also has implemented the expensive SSL, which is the one that say’s their company’s name, which costs a quite a bit.

This does show that Netta Chain Ltd are more serious in their business then some of their competitors we have reviewed.


Netta Chain Ltd Investment Plans 

Netta Scam Review

Netta Chain Ltd has 4 investment plans, ranging from 112% return to 156% return of investment. 

Even though their investment plans are not as over exaggerated as the other reviews we have done in the past.

It is still quite a high percentage return of investment, 150% in a little over half a month is 300% in a little over a month.

Now if we would calculate the actual return of investment in a year, 300% x 12 = 3600% which is really not realistic.

If we would compare them with Forex Hedge fund traders that average 30%-40% a year return of investment.

Then we would notice the massive difference between the two, even though they have some evidence about their transparency,

the percentage return of investment is just not realistic and hardly sustainable, considering its a automated thing.

You do not need any experience you could literally just sit down, register, deposit and make money with them,

can it really be this easy to make money, guys there is one rule that I always follow, what sounds to good to be true it is !.

I have seen projects that promise the world, but fail to supply the high demand, so it is hard to decide whether these guys are really legitimate.

Also, it is never as good as companies market it to be.


Netta Chain Ltd Company House 


This project does have a company house and it looks okay, however these certificates can be faked.

There has been project I have reviewed in the past that I though are legitimate and then got caught by the government for fraud.

The likely hood of that is quite high, considering everybody wants to join in making a cool looking website and scam some people.

Sounds fun right? Money just gets sent to you and you can do whatever you want with it.

Obviously, Netta Chain Ltd might not be doing that and they might be legitimate, very hard to say, need to dig more. 

The certificate is registered in a name of Laronda, Askew apparently she is the direction of the company.


Netta Chain Ltd Contact Us


NettaThe only way to contact them is via email address which is common way for scammers to use.

Apparently they are open 8 am to 6 pm , however I cannot check that, I tried finding their office on google maps, but

google maps were not updated and it just does not show anything interesting that we could actually see.


Netta Chain Ltd About Us


Their about us page does not contain a lot of useful information.

They claim they have 10 years experience in the trading niche, and have a mission plan, which is okay.

However, that mission plan has spelling mistakes, which does not look professional, we could say

that the project was kinda rushed considering it is out only for 1 day, but they should of thought about that earlier on.

No names have been mentioned, and the experts who are actually behind this “great” project.

We want to know their backgrounds and why they can make us money, what is their interest in the business.

Why they even are financial managers, all these things need to be taken to account, there always is a reason for opening or joining a company.

No photos of who is behind the system, which does not add transparency and adds lack of trust for investors.

If they truly believed in this project, they need to show their face to the world, who they are and what they will do !.

Obviously this is still a new project that just has launched they might have some photos in the future, but for now it ain’t looking good.


Netta Chain Ltd Social Media 


Netta Chain

Apparently the company has social media icons on their page which is really good.

However, none of them work which is very disappointing having social media would have boosted their transparency points.

Not having social media in 2018 is literally like making fire with two sticks, its old school.

All the successful companies have social media pages, they interact, promote and reach their audience.

The minimum would be at least a Facebook page implemented in their website, so that clients can show their results.

Showing results is evidence that their plans are working,  which would attract more traffic and drive more cash flow in their business.

However, they have none of these at the moment, which leads me to believe they are hiding something.




To conclude this article Netta Chain Ltd does look like quite decent, but it is lacking a few components.

Their social media is not linked and when I searched for them, I could not find any of their pages.

Their about us page, does not prove their 10 years expertise in the trading niche.

No names mentioned, no faces shown, which leads us to believe this is a faceless scam.

The only way to contact them is via email.

Their website layout is kinda messed up at the moment, which just does not look crisp.

Their investment plans are quite high and not likely sustainable.

We think this is a scam, that might pay, but eventually will close down.

Remind’s me a little bit of Bit connect, but obviously do your own diligence do not take my word for it.

Netta Chain Ltd


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