Review Review | This is a new HYIP investment platform stating that it could double your deposit account within the next 25 days. I guess it’s called nitro for a reason because that is super quick! allows you to deposit via USD or cryptocurrency which is also the number #1 way to scam people because the government does not bother tracking bitcoin.

They promise that you will get paid every single day and you can withdraw all your earnings in less than 24 hours, it just sounds to good to be true? Well it is, and let me tell you why.

Nitro-X.IO Review | Plans & Promised Returns

So their plans start off nicely with a 4% return every single day which although it might not seem a lot to some of you reading this article, trust me gaining 4% anywhere while investing your money would be a dream come true.

However, for the gullible people out there they also have a calculator made up in their website to show the profits you can potentially earn through their website if you deposit a certain amount of money.

I’ll leave a picture just below the heading of this section so you guys can actually see how ridiculous this calculator is.

They start off saying that if you invest $1000 dollars, you will gain $40 dollars daily $280 dollars weekly and profit over $1000 dollars within the next 25 days.

They also mention there is no limit to how much you deposit, so basically if you invest $100,000 you will get $200,000 back in the next 25 days.

Hopefully this does not sound realistic to you, its a total scam and we should definitely avoid such websites, they are only there to profit from the gullible people on the internet. “Frequently Asked Questions “FAQ’s”

I am not going to go over all of their FAQ’s because there is no point, all of their answer to the questions are lies.

We have chosen one of the questions they mentioned is there are no DEPOSIT LIMITS, they really highlight this fact, by stating “please pay attention there are no deposit limits”

This itself should scream its a total scam, they have no limits off deposit, because they want to take as much money as possible before disappearing to thin air on the internet.

You would be surprised how many of these scams I have reviewed and probably 99% of them do not exist anymore, because once they get exposed, they lose traffic, resulting in them making a change off the domain, website design, and starting all over, its a never-ending battle. Review | Deposits & Withdrawals Review review | Also has a section where they show their recent withdrawals and deposits off people. This section is usually fake and information is automatically generated to make it seem that people are actually purchasing their products.

Of course, some folks do fall for this scam if they did not, these scammers would not exist, the company might be giving away some money for example:

If a person deposits a small amount and makes a withdrawal couple of days later, the scammers might think its not worth to a scam a person and just charge fees for the withdrawal and give his money back.

However in case when a client decides to deposit $1000+ USD then they will never get their money back even if they wanted to, because that is what the scammers are looking for. Gullible people that have money to spare so they can take it and make use off it.

Quick Summary Review | This company is definitely a SCAM and should be avoided at all costs, they do not have any proof that they are legit. The business has a lot of spelling mistakes which makes it seem unprofessional.

The people behind the business are anonymous and faceless. We don’t know who they are and trust me, they don’t want us to know. A Legitimate business would always show their face, it adds a nice layer off transparency which this business does not have!

The plans are also ridiculous and the amount of money they claim you will get is totally bonkers, especially since they guarantee that you will double your money within the first month, its just a ridicoulous claim to make.

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