O2Earn.com Scam Review

Can this be a legitimate business?

What Is O2Earn.com ? 

O2Earn.com Scam Review

O2Earn.com is a company that specializes in trading the digital currencies such as: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dash and others.

O2Earn.com is based in the United Kingdom and founded by “Andrea Medri and Davide Barbieri”.

Apparently these two entrepreneurs are well known in the “English Bitcoin Community”.

They also claim to be dedicated group of developers, traders and analysts who believe in the upcoming

paradigm shift that crypto-currency and the block chain are bringing dividend to the global financial industry.

Generally, the business talks a lot about how good they are and how profitable digital currencies are,

they claim to have a team of people that are experts in trading currencies such as: Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum,

Dash, Monero, Clubcoin, Zcash, Ripple and many more.

The business claims they are the best way to access the global financial markets of the future and investing

with O2 Earn is safe and you will have a rapid growth of your capital.


O2Earn.com Social Media 


O2Earn.com Scam Review

O2Earn.com has social media links inside their website, which at first I thought it was great.

There are two links available, Facebook and Twitter, both of them unfortunately do not work.

When, you click on the Facebook or Twitter icons, it opens the social media homepage rather then O2Earn.com page.

You could defend them and say, they might not had time to set up their pages, because their website is only

running for two days at the moment, which would be a fair argument, but how long does it actually take to

set up a page ? 30 minutes maximum both pages, is definitely more then enough time to set them up.

This leads me to believe O2Earn.com is hiding something and does not want to be transparent with their clients.

All of the successful businesses have social pages developed and ready, they are good, because people

need to interact with one another, share their knowledge and experience with the company, they could

show results of their returns and this would motivate others to invest and discuss in this great investment

firm, while the business could promote their new investment plans and inform any changes, they could get

testimonials from people and put them in their website, this would boost O2Earn.com to the top so fast, they

would not believe it was happening, however sadly none of the above is happening and this leaves me

wondering why and I have to start asking questions.

They might not want to have any social media, because they are here to take all your money, we do not know

this at the moment, hence why we need to dig a little deeper and find their true intentions.


O2Earn.com Investment Plans 


Scam O2Earn.com ReviewLooking at their investment plans, they have 3 plans 10% 12% and 15% hourly.

If you look on your right, I have added a picture of their profit calculator.

The maximum hours are 100, so I have decided to calculate some profits and see if they are realistic.

So within 100 hours or 4.1 days if you invest a amount of $250 you will get a return of $2500.

This is 10 times more then the initial deposit, does this look realistic ? I hope not, because its surely unsustainable.

If the business could return such a high percentage, every Tom, Dick and Harry would be using this platform and making

themselves millionaires without any effort.

You do not need any experience in trading or financial markets, because their “experts” will do everything for you.

This sounds to good to be true, and the rule is simple, if it sounds to good it is.

Just to put this in perspective, the biggest trading industries struggle to reach a return of 50% a year and

O2Earn.com is here, a new company recently opened, can make you 10 times the initial deposit without much of a problem?

Its totally bogus, unrealistic and you must be very naive to believe that, until they show real evidence, this is a scam.


O2Earn.com Investment How It Works? 


O2Earn.com is a high yield investment program, this means that sometimes even if it might be a scam, they might

payout some withdrawals, to “prove they are legitimate” basically they want to gain trust with their investors and

not scam them for a small amount of money, however when O2 Earn gains your confidence that is when they will strike.

They will definitely take all your money if you invest $1000, you should be expecting to get $10,000 dollars back in 4 days.

The business will definitely make excuses and even block you from receiving that cash amount, because that is what they do.

Its always a fear and greed game between the client and the financial platform, some people know this and invest small

amounts of money, up too $10 dollars and if they get a withdrawal processed they win the game, unless they re-invest again

there is a possibility they will not get a withdrawal next time.


O2 Earn Phone Number


They also have a phone number, which looks legitimate and you would think the company is transparent, however that

number is used multiple times in different websites, if you watch my video I have made (link down below). It shows

3 different sites that use the exact same mobile phone, which leads us to believe they might be running not one, but

a few schemes at once and trying to scam as much people as possible.



Scam O2Earn.com Review

O2Earn.com  Investment lacks evidence to support themselves as being a legitimate business.

They do not have any social media pages, which looks like they are hiding something.

The investment plans are over exaggerated and unsustainable.

The business phone number has been used multiple times through various different websites,

which leads me to believe its the same owner or people behind this scheme.

Their CEO’s mentioned are not related to the business in any way shape or form.

Final Verdict

O2 Earn Investment IS A SCAM


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