Forex 1-5 Minute Price Action Strategy That Works With Live Proof

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Forex one minute price action strategy is really simple and easy to use, yet I see people struggling to make it profitable, so today I will do a live trading session on the forex markets and see whether we can change your opinions.

This minute price action strategy will require some Bollinger bands and a basic understanding of price action, its very beginner-friendly and does not require to much work if you have been studying the forex markets for a while.

I made a very nice profit trading this strategy so make sure to watch the full video and you will be surprised how much knowledge you can earn, just give this forex trading strategy your undivided attention and you will learn and progress yourself as a forex trader.

If you need more knowledge on the forex markets to check out my other forex trading strategies on the website and if you have any questions regarding this one minute price action strategy you are more then welcome to ask!

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1 Minute Price Action Strategy | Forex Trading

1 Minute Price Action Strategy


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This forex price action strategy is very easy to do and simple even for beginner traders, a forex strategy does not have to be complicated and hurt your head, its very possible to make money with simple strategies if you analyze and look at the charts correctly, In this video I show you how I made nearly $1000 dollars through 5 minutes of price action trading on the forex markets.