Scam Or Legit ? Lets Find Out 

What is Ozon Bit ? 

ozon bit scam review

Ozon Bit is a new high yield investment program that specializes in digital currencies such as Bitcoin.

The company is saying their platform is a product of careful preparation and fruitful work of experts

in the field of digital coin mining, and also are experts trading cryptocurrencies in general.

A lot of their about us page contains fluff talk to make them seem legitimate and trustworthy, however

all their statements about “highly profitable trades” and “modern mining equipment” is just a empty

statement, because they have no pictures of evidence to prove what the are saying, especially since

the business has been alive for no longer then a month, which means they have no experience in the

trading niche and how to run a business properly, so feed with lies and empty statements investors

need to decide whether they think Ozon Bit Ltd is a SCAM, I can already tell you that this is a total

pozni scheme, because I have seen millions of website similar to Ozon Bit scamming other folks.


Ozon Bit Investment Plans 


ozon bit scam review

So their investment plans are not as over exaggerated like the other reviews we have done in the past.

However, that does not mean the investment plans offered are realistic, looking at one of their plans

they are offering 10% daily for 30 days, which does not seem to bad in one case to other folks, but

I can assure you 300% in a month is a LOT, and if people would be returning such percentages, folks

would be investing in stuff like this and in a year time they would quit their jobs, because there would

be no need to work a 9-5 job, if they can get 300% return of investment a month, that is the dream

for most people to not put in the work, but make millions and drive nice cars, well although it would be

nice, I can assure you that is not how life works, and people that are offering such percentages are the

folks that will be getting rich from “suckers” that believe in this fantasy.


Ozon Bit Social Media


The business does not have any social media advertised in their website, which is considered a bad

marketing move for them. I mean in 2018 all successful businesses at the minimum have a facebook

page and manage it daily, however Ozon ltd does not do that, and it makes me questions as to why not.

I feel like Ozon ltd is definitely not being transparent with their customers and this is leading to all sorts

of trust issues between the developers and the investors.

There is a reason why Ozon ltd does not have any social media and its not pretty.

The main reason is ,because they want to protect themselves from unnecessary bad feedback from scammed

clients, you see if they just scam people through their page and there are no other alternatives to reach them

they are in control of what gets displayed in their website, nothing is shown in the open, which leads to

people now knowing the truth about this business model and what are their true devious intentions are.


Ozon Bit Contact Us 


ozon bit scam review

So looking at Ozin ltd support page it is clear to see that they are not serious to help anyone, the company

was definitely created to scam other folks and nothing else, the only way to contact them is a email

address which is not the most efficient way to deal with stuff, especially when money is involved.

They do have a live chat page, which at first I though was excellent, but I did not get a response from them,

So I am not to sure what the live chat is for if nobody ever answer your messages, I have waited for 10 minutes

just to make sure their live chat is a joke, and yeah being patient did not help, nobody answered my question

about the site or gave me more information about their investment plans and how it actually works.


Ozon Bit Company House 


So apparently they are based in the United Kingdom, and sadly most of the scammers are based in the UK.

What I mean by based in the UK is them lying and faking the company house certificate and stating their

based somewhere in London, however I know these certificates can be frauded by 10 year old’s if they really

wanted to so hence why all of these scammer groups choose the United Kingdom as their main headquarters,

because it adds some “trust” to their clients when they see that a business has a certificate.




ozon bit scam review

To conclude this article Ozon Bit is definitely not a serious company and their intentions are to scam people

not to help people earn a extra buck and that is a clear fact. We can see from their investment plans and

their general page vibe that these guys are not going to last long, they do not have any social media pages

which does not add any transparency to their site, we do not know who the people are behind the website,

what are their names and what do they look like, at the moment its just another faceless scam, the company

would literally have to change 180 degrees for me to say anything good about them. Their investment plans

are over exaggerated and totally unsustainable considering its still a new company they would not have

enough cash-flow in their business to sustain these incredible returns, the business does not have a landline

or a phone number anywhere displayed, this is because they have no intention to talk to you when they have

scammed you from your money, they do have a email address, but more then likely nobody will reply to

your request and you will not be able to withdraw your money back to your bank account, so my final verdict

is to stay away from ozon bit, because its a scam.

Final Verdict

Ozon Bit Definitely A Scam

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