Pluto Mining Review Pluto Mining Scam Review


Pluto Mining Review Crypto Pluto Mining Scam Crypto Pluto Mining Scam

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Pluto mining is a “SAFE & EASY & FAST” Real quote on the website, the worlds most “professional” mining team of cryptocurrency that helps you gain incredible profit within a short period of time.

It all sounds good and dandy, however is this site actually legitimate, their investment plans are totally insane and we will get to that just in a minute, their website design is lack luster and there are a lot of questions not answered, so lets start. Returns Of Investment

Pluto mining investment plans are totally bonkers and I mean insane ! The company claims to return 5000% return of investment within a period of a little over then one month. These kind of percentages are unrealistic and unsustainable for any business out there.

Even Bill Gates and Jeff Bezos would struggle to keep up with these percentages. The returns of investment within this company is totally insane and that is probably the number one indicator that its a total scam.

You guys need to remember that what is too good to be true, probably is and that saying goes a long way with Pluto mining. Even their smallest percentage which is 35% a day is totally insane.

Basically they are saying if you would invest even in their smallest plan within a couple of days time you would double your initial deposit. I guess the company CEO must be living in Pluto to think he would be able to payout such huge sums of money.

Pluto Mining Scam Pluto Mining Review Social Media

Pluto Mining does not have any social media links in their website, which leads me to believe they do not have any at all. This is a big huge minus for any company in the twenty first century since everything is becoming digitized.

Not having social media is huge disadvantage for Pluto mining, they are not able to connect with their investors, inform about any changes that might occur or just simply share the experience between themselves via comments and likes.

It would add a lot of transparency if Pluto mining would have some sort of social media pages, because people then are able to communicate with each other and talk about their returns of investment, I mean if you are not a shady company owner then there is no need to hide from anyone.

Most investment companies that are successful always show their face, get featured in Forbes and other premium blog websites and use social media to bring their company to the very top, however this is definitely not the case with Pluto mining, its definitely a scam or maybe they don’t have any social media on Pluto. 🙂

Pluto Mining Review Crypto Pluto Mining Scam Crypto Pluto Mining Scam Company House 

Pluto Mining company address is apparently located in London, United Kingdom. Most of the scam reviews I have done in the past are also very similar, this is because scammers use United Kingdom for their easy to reach company house certificate.

Companies can literally open up a company within 30 minutes time and then pretend they are totally legitimate over the internet and scam unsuspecting customers, you would obviously have to be quite gullible to be scammed by them, because the percentages are totally out of this world, however it does happen, because people are desperate financially and try anything.

I can assure you the office address assigned with the company house certificate does not exist, or there is no office name located in London under Pluto Mining that is for sure, all the scammers use this similar technique and people keep falling for it.

Pluto Mining Scam Pluto Mining Review Contact Us 

Pluto Mining claims they have 24/7 support and you can contact them all the time, however this is not the case their live chat does not work at all. As of writing this article its currently 15:00 in the United Kingdom which is still working hours for most offices so there is literally no excuse.

The only other way to contact them is a email address which is the number one way to scam someone. Emails are definitely unreliable and can be lost in spam folders etc, never a good idea to only depend on one way of communication especially when it involves other peoples money.

They do have a telephone section, however it say’s “coming soon”. Which I believe is totally ridiculous, most of the scam reviews I have done in the past have something similar “in development” “coming soon” or other.

Trust me, the phone number will always stay on the “coming soon” phase and nothing will ever change, if they really wanted to have a landline phone number they would already have gotten one. I mean it does not cost a fortune especially in today’s day and age.

Pluto Mining has been running for nearly 6 months and the business did not manage to get themselves a landline ? This just shows how unreliable and unorganized the business is, or it shows that this business does not intend to talk to anyone and its here to take all your money, one or the other its a bad way to do things.

Pluto Mining Review Crypto Pluto Mining Scam Crypto Pluto Mining Scam Conclusion

The business does not have any reliable source of information that would show they are legitimate and are here to make you a lot of money. Looking at their investment plans they are totally ridiculous and purely unsustainable for any business out there.

Their social media pages do not exist at all, which just shows that the company is not being transparent with their lenders and is here to take all the money they can before they disappear to the unknown.

Their about us page just lacks information on who is the company owner and who are the people behind this business project, it appeared out of nowhere and it will disappear the same way, their about us page literally has no more then 50 words tops.

We at top trading reviews believe that this is a total scam or a website and must be ignored and avoided at all costs !

Pluto Mining Review Pluto Mining Scam

Final Verdict Is A SCAM !

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Pluto Mining Scam Pluto Mining ReviewPluto Mining Review Pluto Mining Scam