Profit Coins IO 

Is it legitimate?

What is Profit Coins IO ? 

Profit Coins IO Scam Review

Profit Coins Io is a digital currency trader software, that uses the current best algorithms to find and make decisions and based on the current financial market status.

They have been in business since 2017, and weirdly enough have 3500 clients that are using the system happily and making a lot returns.

We are not sure where these clients came from, because they have been registered since 2017, but really started running their business only recently.

Unless they have had a test group of some sort then maybe its possible, but we highly doubt it.

Profit Coins IO claims it can produce profits of 30% a month with a investment of $12,000 which is a lot of money.

The 30% is maybe reachable for some, but thinking a robot or algorithm can do this, is a little bizarre.

Profit Coins IO is free of charge and will be available for free all the time.

No prior knowledge will be needed to start generating 30% a month, the algorithm does everything for you.


Profit Coins IO company house 


This is one of the harder reviews I needed to do, Profit Coins IO definitely did try to make things legitimate as possible.

The company is apparently created and based in England United Kingdom, and too prove that, we have searched and found their company certificate.

This certificate does verify that the company has been created, although recently we have seen a lot of scams doing that, so its no surprise.


Profit Coins IO Social Media


Profit Coins IO Scam Review

Profit Coins IO does have social made pages, they have Facebook, Instagram and even Twitter, which was a surprise.

These guys, are definitely on it, and we can see by their activity on Facebook, the last post was 1 hour ago.

Unfortunately for them this does not prove they are 100% authentic, and there are few reasons why.

First thing is the articles they post on their Facebook wall, are only around Bitcoin not the company itself

This is weird, due to the fact that most of the companies are promoting themselves, not promoting the digital currency.

Second thing that bothered me, they have quite a few likes and followers on their page, but no real interaction.

Their pages literally have no likes and comments, you would think such a success would have a great audience backing them up?

Sadly that is not the case, also Instagram is rarely updated feels like they have forgotten about it.

Instagram, is literally the same as Facebook they are promoting the digital currency “Bitcoin” more then themselves.


Profit Coins IO featured in huge articles such as Forbes and had TV shows? 


Profit Coins IO Scam Review

We at toptradingreviews can safely say that this is definitely not true.

I have spent a few hours digging and trying to find an article from Forbes, The Guardian or CNN.

There is literally nothing, I guess you cannot find something if its not there.

This little trick they are trying to pull, shows the true side of Profit Coins IO, and why it might be not what it is marketed to be.

There is also no evidence on them having some sort of TV show, or famous people talking about Profit Coins IO.

There is absolutely nothing to prove that these facts, hence I will say they are deceptive and not trustworthy.


Profit Coins IO have been featured in a small blog/podcast


I have too be true though, Profit Coins IO has been featured in a few smaller places.

Small blogs and podcast websites did work with them, but that does not prove anything.

Only, because if they are claiming Forbes is talking about them and its not, these little blogs don’t add any transparency whatsoever.

For all we know, these blogs and pod casters could have been paid or in to this scheme themselves.

People are horrible and do a lot of this deceptive stuff all the time, so be warned.

So how does the website look and layout 


There website itself does look legitimate, and there is not a lot of things to complain about.

Their page has a nice website and it feels like a good vibe to be fair.

I can see why people are interested in investing their money, because it looks legitimate.

Also the claim to make 30% over the month is not over exaggerated and believable.


Profit Coins IO testimonials ? 


Profit Coins IO Scam Review

So a company that is successful and are generating a good return of investment, would definitely have testimonials.

Unfortunately they are talking a big game, but their page is literally empty and no testimonials could be found.

How can they claim to make 30% and not have any evidence at all to back their statement up ?

This scenario is already repeating itself, they have claimed to have been featured in TV shows,

There is no proof or evidence around that. They have also said there is articles in Forbes around them,

That is a lie as well. I mean if Forbes posted an article around them, probably their site would crash.

Forbes is one of the biggest sites around investing and business, Profit Coins IO are definitely not that big,

and more then likely never will be, because this is smartly done scheme.




Profit Coins IO Scam Review

To conclude this article, we have found a lot of evidence that this might be a legitimate business, it has a good company house,

They have social media and are posting it often, I could not find their stock photos anywhere else in the web.

Sadly, with a lot of good evidence we also have a lot of bad, they are claiming to have been featured in Forbes and TV shows.

I have searched all google pages and I could not find a single article that would relate to Profit Coins IO.

There are no TV shows as well, so these claims are total lies, which does not add any trust points to them.

Their social media pages have quite a lot of likes, but no interaction which means they could have fake followers,

They could also fake their linked in CEO and other developer accounts to make it look like this is legitimate.

We have found that they are not regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority which is necessary in the United Kingdom.

My personal opinion this is a scam, but please do your own research.


Final Verdict 

Is a SCAM !!!

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