Profit Stellar Investment

Scam or Legitimate? 

What is Profit Stellar Investment ?

Profit Stellar is a program that sells/buys digital currencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Lite coin and others.

We as investors will give them money so they can buy and sell for us, so we can bank a good return, up too 9000%.

Profit Stellar is a HYIP (High Yield Investment Program) basically meaning that its more then likely another Ponzi-scheme.

Most of these HYIP’s are over promising people with a unsustainable high return of investment by paying previous investors with the money invested by new investors.

This eventually all fails, because there becomes to many withdrawals and not enough deposits.

At first it will just be a slower withdrawal, because Profit Stellar will be waiting for more cash to be coming in.

Sadly, later it will become so long that its unbearable, everybody will start talking about them, that they do not pay.

Eventually it will become so bad, that their potential investors will be to scared or angry to invest anymore money which will be the end of Profit Stellar.

Profit Stellar Investment Plans ? 


Profit Stellar Investment Scam Review

Profit Stellar Investment has some great return percentages.

They have eight investment plans which ranging from the minimum of 20% and the maximum of 9000%!.

Unfortunately, these great percentages are just not realistic, I wish it was true, but using some common sense it will be obvious it cant real.

You surely cannot expect to earn 9000% in 60 days, that is such a insane amount that this alone screams that they are a scam.

Lets say you have invested $1000 dollars for 60 days do you have any idea how much your return will be? Don’t worry I did the math for you.

You would get a return of $90,000 thousand dollars ! in only two months, does this sound realistic to you? I hope not.

$540,000 dollars in a year, by sitting chilling on your couch and making what some people don’t make in 10+ years.


Profit Stellar Investment Calculator 


Profit Stellar Investment Scam ReviewThe Profit Stellar Investment calculator seems to not be working properly.

Maybe, I do not know how to use it, but I honestly do not understand the amounts I am getting when playing around with it.

The only thing that shows roughly a good estimate is the very first plan of 20% return.

Sadly, if you choose anything else the calculator malfunctions and gives you insane amounts of returns, these returns will never be seen anywhere in the internet, unless its a scam, so be aware.


People behind Profit Stellar Investment 


Profit Stellar Investment Scam Review

The website has been open only 1 day, but it seems like their about page is ready and set to go.

Profit Stellar Investment should really have information around who they are and what is their team behind this great project.

Sadly, you cannot find a trace of transparency behind this project.

There are no names mentioned and who is the developer of Profit Stellar.

This leads us to believe that they do not want to tell the truth, people show themselves when they have nothing to hide FACT.

Even the shy people, show themselves and introduce themselves to their investors, because they believe in their scheme.

Unfortunately this is not the case with Profit Stellar Investment, which is disappointing, because it would be nice to yield incredible profits.

How can they talk about their experts, if we do not even know their background behind trading cryptocurrencies.

There is a company house certificate mentioned that they are based in London, but these are easy to counterfeit and make it “legal”.


Profit Stellar Investments Referral system 


Profit Stellar Investment Scam ReviewProfit Stellar Referral system seems quite “good”.

If you look closely, there are 6 different levels of referral rank.

The first referral you will get 5% the next 2% and the rest 1% which is not a lot considering the returns of investment you can actually get.

I just do not see the point of being a referrer for Profit Stellar when you can make half million within one year.

Why would anyone care about referring someone if they can just chill and make money by doing nothing.

Obviously I am being super sarcastic and just proving the point that if you could make half a million within such a short amount of time without any effort.

All the worlds investors such as Warren Buffet would invest in this to make some cash, but obviously Profit Stellar would never in a million years would be able to pay it back to Warren.


Profit Stellar Latest Investments 


Profit Stellar Investment Scam ReviewLooking at Profit Stellar’s latest investment you can see a lot of people are testing it out, or just investing a small amount.

Why do you think this is ? Is it, because they are new and we cannot trust them? No.

This is a HYIP most of them are scams and will eventually take all your money, but sometimes they do give withdrawals to make it seems like they are paying their clients.

Paying out clients 1 dollar or even lower is not too bad, considering you have deposits coming in from new investors.

This is basically a fear and greed game, if a client invests a huge amount of money its game over for the client, because these guys wont be able to pay it back, or they might but eventually there will be too many withdrawal requests and not enough deposits to sustain the money and pay everyone.




Profit Stellar Investment Scam Review

Profit Stellar Investment does not have any evidence to prove they are paying and can sustain such huge returns.

They do not have a social media page such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or any other viable way to communicate with their customers.

The only mean of contact is email, which is very typical for scammer websites.

The returns of investment are purely unrealistic and cannot be obtained.

The calculator is not working, which looks unprofessional and untidy for the website.

There is no information on who is the founder and CEO of the company.

No transparency leads to shady things, we at toptradingreviews recommend staying away from Profit Stellar.

Final Verdict 

Profit Stellar is a SCAM!

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