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What is Q Profit System?

Q Profit System Scam Review

Q Profit System is essentially an automated trader for the financial markets.

The system uses the most high tech algorithms displaying the best results possible in the financial markets.

Q Profit System claim they generate $1000 dollars a day everyday.! This bold statement alone lets us to believe they are another deceptive website looking to profit from other peoples hard earned money.

A little around the presentation video, Q Profit System lectures their audience on how good the system is, how it will change their lives and its so simple and easy.

These above statements show that, the system is no doubt trying to sell itself to the audience and make some cash.


Q Profit System “Free Spot” trick


Q Profit System Scam Review

There is no surprise when scammers display the “Free Spot” sentence all over the page.

This trick is very common for scammers, so common that you will see it on every website, although this alone does not prove its a scam.

Q Profit System is using this system to cause urgency, meaning putting pressure on their clients to invest in their service before you lose your spot.

This is a very common marketing tool and should be ignored, there is never a bad moment in time when you should not take your time and think around what are the pros and cons of investing your hard earned money in to a new system.


Q Profit System testimonials 


Q Profit System Scam Review

Testimonials displayed on the Q Profit System website are not real.

Folks in their endorsement are just stock images that can be found on the internet.

This makes us believe that what is written below the picture is also very bogus.

Once of their testimonials “Giacomo Lo Duca, 28” a lad from Italy claims he has made $2500 from a single night.

This allegation just proves that these testimonials are counterfeit and made up.

There are currently no, one click wonder systems that could generate such amount of money in a short amount of time.

Especially considering the scheme guarantees people to make $1000 dollars a day, there are never any guarantees when you invest your money, hence the word.


Q Profit System how much money can you make?


Q Profit System Scam Review

Q Profit System declares that their profitable trading system generates a wast amount of money.

The sum of cash they talk about around the website is $1000 dollars a day, which is very crazy.

This amount of money is not impossible, but it would require a indept knowledge in financial markets and a huge capital.

Having those two things mentioned above would help you gain $1000, but there would never be a guarantee that you will make it everyday.

This leads us to believe Q Profit System is fabricated and deceptive, they cannot claim their system makes generates such a return of investment with a guarantee.

Their website talks about making $2500 at one point, which is totally insane. So from a system that makes $1000 a day to $2500.

The amounts are very much bogus and we would not be surprised that this system does not work at all.

Reading the FAQ’S of Q Profit System, it is clear to see that they are fraudulent.

They are claiming the system now averages $5000 dollars a day no problem, with little to no work involved in the system.

Q Profit is telling their potential clients that they can make $5000 dollars a day, with 1 hour a days spend on the system, because it is automated.

Toptradingreviews is already sure this is a scam.


Who is behind Q Profit system ? 


Q Profit System Scam Review

Nobody really knows who is behind the creation of such “wonderful” system. There is a paid actor in the video that claims he is the owner, but he is just somebody that got paid to do their video.

we could assume the creator and founder of Q Profit System is Jerry Douglas (the folk from the video), but we know as a fact that he is not the owner, we have found him in a lot of different scams, and other websites.

We could google Jerry Douglas and there would not be any information around who he is, there is no information, because he is a made up character to sell the system.

There are other things that worry us, who are the developers of the system, lets assume the CEO is shy and does not want anyone to know his face, there still should be somebody that represents the company, a actor is not good enough.

This system lacks pure transparency meaning they do not have any information such as: names, numbers, email addresses, where they are located. A company that is proud of their system, would never hide behind some actors.


Q Profit System Social Media and others 


The year is 2018, social media these day’s is everything. Q Profit System should have a social media page implemented.

Every successful business model has a Facebook page as a minimum, and engages with their audience all the time.

The audience would share their success stories, reviews and suggest updates for future system improvement.

Sadly Q Profit System does not have any of that, so that leads us to speculate as to why.

There is only one reason that it comes down to, this software is deceptive and will only steal money from you.

Also, no system in the world that would make these kind of returns would ever be free.




Q Profit System Scam Review

Q Profit System starts with a video that has a actor in it, there are a lot of over exaggerated words and promises used in the video. The system guarantees profits from $1000 and talks about their average profits to $5000 their clients make.

The numbers above are super inflated, and just not realistic. There are fake testimonials inside their website, with stock photos conversing about how much money they have made, and how happy they are. These are very typical in a scam website.

A professional well off company would never need fraudulent testimonials, the system would never be free, the people behind it are faceless scammers.

The information above leads us to a final conclusion, Q Profit System is a SCAM.


Final Verdict

Q Profit System is a SCAM!

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