Red Earn Investment

Is this a SCAM? 

What is Red Earn Investment ? 

Red Earn Scam Review

Red Earn is a brokerage that manager other peoples capital and trades for them.

The company claims they have all sorts of good traders in their team.

Their traders are so “good” that they have incredible plans going up to 5000% return.

This is obviously crazy and leads us to ask this question, how do they do it?

Well, first thing first there is no chance they can reach these type of percentages, they are totally unrealistic.

However we will talk about this a little bit later, now they claim they have great support.

So apparently you can ask questions on how your account balance is doing.

This association claims that anyone can invest and make money with them without any problems.

There is no requirement whatsoever, you just have to be 18 and have a bank account.

You can then invest in Red Earn and make a lot of money, well at least that is what they are claiming.

Obviously this sounds good at the moment, but the more we dig, the more darker it gets for Red Earn Investment.

Red Earn Investment Plans 


Red Scam Review

Red Earn Investment plans are totally crazy and unrealistic.

There is 10 plans in total and the even the minimum is unrealistic.

9% return a day, would be amazing if comparing it with real legitimate sites.

However, the likely hood of you getting 270% a month return of investment is slim to none.

Do not even get me started with the other plans, they are even crazier.

I mean 5000% return of investment is just impossible, if it was possible everybody would be a millionaire.

The economy would crash, and the price of goods would go up so much a million dollars would be worth a thousand.

Just think logically, no experience is necessary, no knowledge nothing, and you make 5000% return of investment.

If we would compare these percentages to Forex hedge fund traders these results would be never seen before.

Forex traders, are happy with 30%-40% return of their investment in a YEAR.

There guys are offering 5000% in little over 2 months, does this still sound realistic to you guys ? I hope not.

Or there is another plan that gives 1900% in 20 days and the minimum deposit is $100 dollars.

Now if we do the math, you would be getting $1900 in 20 days by doing nothing, and just investing $100 dollars.

Sounds crazy right, and what if we would compound this $1900 dollars, and invest in the same plan again.

By compounding next month we would be getting $36100 dollars, does this sound realistic, of course NOT.

Honestly the investment plans alone are more then enough evidence that this is another Ponzi-scheme.


Red Earn Investment Social Media


Red Earn does not have any social media in their website.

This is really not good, it does not add any transparency to the page.

People cannot discuss and show their amazing results, which would bring them more traffic.

However, they are not doing that, which leads me to ask this question: Why don’t they have social media?

Well, the answer is really simple, because they now for a fact that these investment plans are over exaggerated.

Having any social media, would just ruin their image and there would be no point in having one.

That is why, they have to rely on affiliate marketers and bring them traffic this way.

Which is not the most efficient way to bring traffic, if a company is legitimate they should definitely have social media.

The minimum would be a Facebook page, because in 2018 there literally are no successful companies without one.

Having one just promotes their brand and brings it to the top really quickly, which would drive more transactions.


Red Earn Investment About Us 

Red Earn Scam Review

Red Earn about us page does not consist of any important information that we actually care about.

There are no names mentioned which leads us to ask various different questions such a:

Who is the CEO Founder of the company, what was the reason for creating the company, what they want to do in the future.

What is their mission statement, they also talk about their “experts”, but there is literally no information about them.

We as investors want to know who these people are behind the website, we want to know their background, Red Earn Scam Review

and how they learned to trade and maybe even some evidence proved on some of the other pages.

These little things are not hard to put up, but would mean so much for the clients its insane!.

However, there is no information regarding any of these things mentioned above, which is really sad.

This shows they are not transparent and are hiding something from their clients, which does not add any trust points to Red Earn Investment .

When people have doubts inside your website, they will never have a great amount of sales and success, like other companies do.                      red investment is shit

Also, just to add their website is not even clean and looks kinda crap, their contact us page is literally just a email address.

Oh, nearly forgot they do have a team in their contact us page, well a picture, but you can totally see the picture is Photoshop.

Please have a look at the picture I have attached, you will see the white paper they are holding is totally edited in.



Red Scam Review

To conclude this article it is very clear to see that Red Earn is a good old Ponzi-Scheme.

There is no social media provider, which is essential in 2018 for business success.

There are no names mentioned in their about us page, this page only contains fluff nothing more.

The investment plans are totally over exaggerated and bogus.

You literally cannot expect to earn 5000% in a little over w months, even the best companies cannot come close to this.

The site itself is kinda looking dirty and just does not look crisp, you would think having a system to make 5000%,

would be able to afford a good site developer that would make things crisp and run things smooth.                                 red investment is the best

Also, their contact us picture is Photoshoped and the only way to contact them is a email address, which is typical in scams.

Final Verdict 

Red Earn Investment IS A SCAM

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