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Regal Cloud Miner what is it ?

Regal Cloud Miner Scam ReviewRegal Cloud Miner is a cryptocurrency software that engages in mining digital currencies for their investors.

The company claims they are very optimistic with cryptucurrencies.

They are assured that Bitcoin and Ethereum are going to carry on going up and make everybody a decent profit.

Sadly, at this moment in time Bitcoin is crashing down, so they better keep their optimism up, because its not looking good for them.

The best digital mining companies with social media proof of their services are struggling at the moment, so honestly regal miner has next to no chance to survive.

The nature of cryptocurrency mining is hard, because the cost of electricity to have huge servers mining these coins is expensive and not worth it, especially when these coins are currently loosing value.


Regal Cloud Miner investment plans 


Regal Cloud Miner Scam Review

The investment plans for Regal Miner are not as over exaggerated comparing to the other companies we have reviewed so far.

Unfortunately this does not mean that their plans are realistic.

The company claims they can return 300% return of your investment within a month, that is really good, but the chances of that happening are zero at the moment.

The coins are crashing hard, and the cryptocurrency “hype” that recently happened is dying down, so the costs to run the servers, pay their clients are becoming substantially harder to produce.

The big boys that mine Bitcoin and Ethereum are struggling to provide their customers the results they have promised, so what are the chances for Regal Cloud Miner to have any impact on this niche? hardly any.

Regal Cloud Miner producing results of 300% over a period of a month, would be definitely incredible, but with the coins going down and big boys struggling, I really do not see how they would be able to provide their clients with such returns.

The association claim they are 100% risk free, honestly we at toptradingreviews just cannot see how can this be possible.

A investment means you risk to lose or make some money, there is no in between. There are safe investments out there, but that does not mean they are 100% secure.


Regal Cloud Miner Layout of the page 


The layout and colouring of Regal Miner is okay, its mainly blue and everything seems in its place.

There are no random cut layouts that look horrible and ruin the image of the website.

Although the front page has quite a big chest icon, which does not look professional, but maybe its just me.

Even though the layout of the pages are generally okay, we have found some flaws in the website.

Regal Miner Scam ReviewI have attached a image on the right hand side of the screen, this image shows how much grammatical mistakes they have made.

This leads me to believe Regal Cloud Miner is not a serious business, if they cannot write a sentence properly.


Regal Cloud Miner Social Media


This cloud miner has social icons set up inside their website, which is good if they worked.

The buttons to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube do not work, which is strange.

In 2018 one of the most important things is social media, and businesses are suffering a huge loss in clients without it.

This leads me to believe that developers of Regal Cloud Miner have done this intentionally, but why?

Well considering at the facts stated above, they would have to many negative reviews and testimonials from clients that have purchased their services.

This would lead to their business and website shut down quicker.

While also the traffic of people would slow down, because people would just be able to search in Facebook and find out their business true colours.


Regal Cloud Miner who is behind it ? 


Regal Cloud Miner Scam Review

There is no real evidence on who is behind the creation of such miner.

The only thing that we found that could be legitimate is the company house certificate.

This website is registered as Regal Miner Ltd in London by the name of Anthony Rodriguez.

This is all good, and you would think its legit, but wait there is more.

We also have looked at the Financial Conduct Authority and there is no registration on his name or the company.

This means that Regal Cloud Miner is running the investment business illegally.

Unfortunately, that is the only thing we have found that could be somewhat legitimate.

The website about page does not mention any names at all, no contact numbers only an email address which is common for scams.


Regal Miner referral scheme 


Regal Cloud Miner Scam Review

The company has also presented us with a referral program, they claim its one of the best that can bank you great profits for promoting this website.

Sadly, if you look at their website, the only place where they mention the referral program is at their home page.

There is no real page, talking around the referral scheme, how it works, how people get paid, nothing of that sort.

Regal Miner just claims they have one, but does not show people how to use one, which is very unprofessional.

This and adding all the facts around this system above, we can clearly see this system is corrupt and we recommend staying away from it.




Regal Cloud Miner Scam Review

Regal Miner is just another scheme made up by faceless scammers to get access to investors money.

The miner, clearly lacks transparency and proof of evidence that this works.

They have unrealistic returns for their investment plans, considering the mining business online is on its downfall.

The big companies struggle to survive, what makes  Regal Miner so special? Nothing they are a scam.

There are no names, numbers mentioned in their about us page, which is a strong indication of their deceptive nature to steal money.

Regal Miner does not even have a Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or YouTube, this is a strong indication that these guys are not legitimate.

All companies in 2018 have at least a Facebook page, because they need to reach their audience and get testimonials that this works.

To conclude, Regal Miner is another scam that you should not be wasting your time on. 🙂

Final Verdict

Regal Miner is a SCAM

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