Renegade Crypto Club 

Is This Another Scam? Lets Find Out

What is Renegade Crypto Club ? Scam Review

Renegade Crypto Club is a trading software that involves in the popular internet currencies such as: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Lite Coin.

These currencies are being bought and sold all the time, all over the world.

The main goal in investing in crypto currencies is to buy low and sell high, but you do not need to know that. Why? Because the system does all these things for you.

Renegade Crypto Club is an automated software that does all the hard work for you or so they claim that.

The software requires you to start with a minimum of $5 dollars and without any knowledge, experience in trading or crypto currencies it can make you $2000 dollars in the first day.

This statement alone from their website, is enough for me to believe this is another scam. You simply just cannot make $2000 dollars in one day, by having a $5 dollar investment.


Renegade Crypto Club testimonials 


Scam Review

Their testimonials are corrupt and fraudulent. We can find the images used to promote this system with a simple google search.

Few minutes of digging and we have found out that the images are used in many other similar websites, all the related websites are very similar to this one and try to sell you a dream.

Inside Renegade Crypto Club website we can see that they are presenting these fake testimonials and the crazy amounts with it.

Renegade Crypto Club Claims that their customers are making $1,000,000 a year. A million a year !?! From a automated system, that requires no effort what so ever.

This claim is obviously far stretched and over exaggerated, there is no system in the world that you could earn so much passive income with so little time.


Who is behind the Renegade Crypto Club


Scam Review

There are no names mentioned on who is the creator of such “incredible system” this leads us to believe that this scheme is not transparent and very shady.

If a system could make you a million dollars, it would be all over the news or at least articles such as “Forbes”. Renegade Crypto Club Do claim they have been approved by Forbes.

Sadly, their claim is false. We have searched for their article everywhere all we found is that this system is a scam from poor clients that purchased this scheme.

I have searched all their website, and have found nothing that proves they are a legitimate business, there is no CEO of the company, their HR department, PR department, anything that would validate their existence as a real provider of such a good software.


Social Media Renegade Crypto Club


Renegade Crypto Club Scam Review

A system that has such success would definitely have a social media page, this would help them interact with their client base and help promote the software more. Sadly Renegade does not have any of it.

There reason we believe they do not own a page, because they are not transparent and the developers know their scheme does not match results stated in their testimonials.

Renegade Crypto Club does not even have phone numbers, email addresses to contact them, there is literally just a article around how great a system is, without any real evidence to prove that this is legitimate.


Renegade Crypto Club page layout 


The general vibe of the page is quite bad, there is no real information provided for a person to read and believe this scheme, how it was made, when it was made, who came up with the idea, what are their goals and ambitions, what is the reason behind such a low cost if you can make $1000,000 dollars in a year.

The questions need to be asked, but who do we actually ask if there are no contact information provided, no social media is linked, there is literally nothing.

Just one article on how good the system is and how it will change your life for ever, you cannot simply believe somebody on the internet.

Especially since all the images used in the article can be found somewhere in google, the readers should have a lack of trust in this system and never invest their money so thoughtlessly.


More around Renegade Crypto Club  


Renegade Crypto Club Scam Review

This software costs $27 dollars plus the initial minimum investment of $5 dollars, so 32$ in total for a chance to become a millionaire over the period of 1 year.

Does this not sound crazy to you, I hope it does, because that is impossible.

Some folks do make that kind of money, but they have experience, knowledge and are used to make that kind of cash, they can handle it.

Unfortunately this software solution is not going make you any money at all, you will just get scammed for your $32 dollars or maybe more, if you decide to invest more.

You will never see a million dollar account if you carry on using renegade crypto club that is for sure, the people behind screen are called faceless scammers and all they care about is money coming in to their account.




Renegade Crypto Club Scam Review

There is a lack of transparency within this website, there are no names, phone numbers, email addresses, to prove this is some what legitimate and people should actually purchase this solution.

The website is stale and boring, having just one article, no buttons or links to other websites to prove they are working with somebody else to help them achieve the greatest results.

Renegade Crypto Club have mentioned that they have been featured on “Forbes” this is a massive lie, because we did our research and there is nothing around Renegade Crypto Club.

There are no social media pages at all, their testimonials are false and corrupt. The return of investment is surely bogus, you cannot be so naive and expect to earn a million dollars on a software that is fully automated and requires $5 dollars.

Renegade Crypto Club is surely a scam, we have investigated all areas around the website and it is clear to us that this solution is only after a quick buck before shutting down.

Renegade Crypto Club

IS A SCAM !!! 

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