Rolex Coin Limited 

Is It Another SCAM? 

What Is Rolex Coin Limited ? 


Rolex Coin Limited

Rolex Coin Limited is a company which was legally registered in the United Kingdom in 2018.

They offer investors from all around the world favorable conditions to earn in the crypto currency sector.

They have a professional team of traders that are ready around the clock to provide you with a steady income.

Apparently they have been around for years and been trading crypto-currency markets successfully,

providing their company and their clients amazing results, they are able to sustain these results and make

a great living of trading the financial markets.

However, the above statements sound great, but there is no proof or evidence on what they are saying is true.

This leads us to think suspiciously about Rolex Coin Limited and we need to look in to this company deeper

to understand and find out whether this business is telling porkies or actually had legitimate success.



Rolex Coin Limited Investment Plans 


Rolex Coin scam review

Looking at their investment plans it is very clear to say it does not look legitimate.

Their investment plans are totally over exaggerated and unrealistic.

This makes us think, what else is over exaggerated and manipulated by the website?.

They have 8 investment plans in total and there is one that just catches your eye straight away.

One plan has 8000% return of your investment in a little more then a month.

Do you really think that these types of percentages are realistic? Hell no.

Even the biggest and largest corporations do not have anything remotely close to that.

If the big boys can’t do it, how can a business that recently launched sustain these percentages?.

Well its easy, they can’t and wont, they are here to take peoples money, not to make you money.

If 8000% would be possible, folks would be becoming millionaires left and right, without

putting in any work and effort in to it, Rolex Coin Limited is trying to sell you guys a dream nothing more.

Sadly, the real world does not work like that, you need to put in effort, sweat and tears to make it,

so if somebody is telling you something to good, it probably is !.


Rolex Coin Limited how this scheme works ? 


This Ponzi Scheme depends on deposits, which is clear for everybody.

However, their withdrawals will get paid by peoples new deposits, so this scheme will just keep rolling

and “making people money”, so while some people might get a withdrawal of “4$ dollars or something.

That is nothing and that does not prove Rolex Coin Limited is not a scam, these scammers are

fishing for something that is more interesting then small amounts and deposits.

If you would invest lets say $100 dollars, you definitely would not get your money back, because

after 40 days you they would need to pay 8000% interest on the $100 dollars, which would be crazy

these guys would definitely be out of business if they paid such ridiculous interests.


Rolex Coin Limited Social Media 


Rolex Coin scam review

Rolex Coin Limited does not have any social media links in their website, which is really shady and bad for any business.

In 2018 all the successful corporations have social media links in their websites, because its a great marketing tool.

Rolex Coin Limited would be amazing and quickly become the number one financial investment firm.

Especially with the returns of investment they are offering, however that is not the case and they have nothing.

The question is, why don’t they have a Facebook page or a Instagram account ? Well, its very simple

the company is here to scam people and deceive them, if they had a Facebook page their page would be

flooded with hate and bad comments, which would lead to the company not getting any deposits and would

ruin their reputation, that they never even had, hence why they rather just keep themselves on the down low.


Rolex Coin Limited Affiliates 


Rolex Coin scam review

So, they do not have social media, but they have affiliate marketers working for them.

Rolex Coin Limited loves affiliate marketers, because essentially its free marketing for them.

The company can just tell people they will get a commission percentage of people that deposit.

However, they can manipulate their affiliates and not say anyone deposit any cash in the account,

which is a win/win situation to Rolex Coin Limited, they get free marketing and traffic and got to pay nothing.

Also affiliate marketers will probably target people in the trading niche, which will bring traffic

that know a little or are related to trading in someway, which would drive sales even more.


Rolex Coin Limited Contact 


Rolex Coin only operates their customer services with a email address, which is definitely not good especially when dealing with folks money.

People will get impatient if they have a question and the business forgets to answer the email or takes to answer it long.


Rolex Coin Limited Company House 


We have looked at their company house certificate and they are trying to pull wool over our eyes.

Their “certificate” is actually the real Rolex watch and clock brand.

This alone is more then enough evidence to show that these guys are not serious and are here to take your money.


Rolex Coin Limited Conclusion 


Rolex Coin scam review

Rolex Coin Limited is just another Ponzi Scheme that will eventually disappear without any notice.

Their company house certificate is stolen and used as their own, so they look legitimate.

The business does not have any social media links.

Their about us page does not have any evidence or proof of what they are saying is the truth.

Rolex Coin Limited claims to have experienced trading within their team, but there is no

evidence, photos or at least a name specified, for all we know we might be investing in

some bum from the street that never read a chart in its life, that is the truth, so we cannot trust them.


Final Verdict 

Rolex Coin Limited IS A SCAM

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