Royalty Investment Group Scam Review


What is royalty investment group ? 

They are a binary options/Forex signal provider, they specialize in the trading niche and are experts in what they do, or so they claim to be. 

They are a group of people essentially telling you what trades you should make, and they are promising results of 80% and more, which in itself sounds a little bit fishy. 

They also have a Bitcoin Miner, which we looked in to earlier on, and its totally a SCAM, so this website signals they offer, does not seem legitimate, because they have partnered with people that are a SCAM. 


What do they offer? 

They have 3 choice plans that are on the table, which are binary options signals only, Forex signals only or both. If you would like all of these plans it will cost you a one time payment of $249 dollars if you would like to pay separate you can have the Forex or Binary signals signals for 49$ a month. 

You will have to pay separate if you want both Forex and binary options signals to pay monthly. 

These guys offer 80%+ win rate on binary options which is ridiculous and there is no chance they receive these results I can assure you on that. 

There is also a major restriction on binary options in the European Union at the moment, which does not allow people to trade it, so the broker they want to register with is unregulated, which will manipulate the markets and you will still lose eventually, binary options is like a casino, the house has the advantages, so the broker will as well. 

Believe me or not, but the only people that will profit is the broker and this royalty investment scam, why? because royalty is essentially bringing traffic to their broker, and the broker pay’s commission for bringing people to their broker,  royalty investments are also profiting, because you would be purchasing their “expert signals” which eventually would lose you money. 

I know this, because when I first time started to trade, I thought if I would just follow people’s signals I would not need to know how to trade the Forex exchange and would be filthy rich. 

Well how wrong was I, these people that promote themselves on YouTube videos and other social media platforms are showing profits on their meta trader app, but not showing proof its a real account, they just show a good trade they make and that is it. 

What makes it worse is people believe this bullshit, why ? because sometimes when they guess their signals are correct and actually make people money, which also gives them nice reviews and they stay in business by manipulating the people to believe they can create a second income by following some trader “gurus” that never opened a chart in their life. 


Promotion video and testimonials + more DE-bunking


There is a guy speaking at their website, talking about how he did not believe there can be signal providers that are profitable, but these guys are different and actually made $2000 dollars in a week.

Which is all good and dandy, but the guy in the actual video is a Fiver actor, that you can purchase and write a script for him, so he makes it believe that these people are actually profiting and making money. 

So this itself just puts the icing on the cake, because why would they pay somebody to make it seem like they are making a bunch of money, when they are totally not making any money, or should I say, making any money for their people. 

Their testimonials in the website is also fake as fuck, you can see that the pictures in their testimonials are not real, and when you read them you have a good feeling they have been written out by the developers of this scheme. 

The CEO of the company and many other partners they have on their website from all around the world, is bullshit, I actually googled the CEO of the company, and it came up with a Youtube video that has a promotional video of their royalty investment scam, the video is horrible and a lot of their video footage has been stolen from other videos. 

Not only that the next videos in the CEO of the company channel is just some random videos around IQ option, and a lot of affiliate links in the description to register with IQ option, because its a good broker

Well think about it now, would a CEO of his proud company ever, promote another company, I mean it would never happen and if they would they would hundred percent do it at their own website, instead on their own website they promote a unregulated broker, that you will get your money manipulated away. 

The only broker they promote which is half decent is the Forex broker “HM” which is a legit broker, but that is not the problem, the broker might be legit, but these royalty scammers behind it are not, they are just getting people registered in their affiliate links so they get paid from the HM broker and also try to sell you their signals services, so they can extract as much money as possible from you. 

Trust me, after you have registered with them, you will lose all your money following their dumb signals and regret ever joining a signal provider, there are probably signal providers out there that might be legit, but these are very rare cases, legit companies would not have Fiver actors promote their stuff that is for sure. 



To conclude the Royalty investment group is definitely a SCAM website. They will try to extract as much money as possible from their clients by providing the brokers they want you to register under and also giving you the elite signals that will lose all your money in the long run. Legitimate companies that provider such services would never use actors and make out that they are this super big company with lot big people such as CEO’s. The CEO of the company would not be making random YouTube videos that present their company with stolen footage found on the internet. 

We at toptradingreviews reccommend you staying away from such trading services, and learn to trade by yourself, this will ensure your own capital safe, and you will make your own decisions for yourself. 


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