Smart Bexio HYIP

Is This Another Scam 

What is Smart Bexio HYIP ? 


Smart Bexio HYIP is a company that owns major mining and trading centers all over the world.

Well, at least that is what they are claiming to have.

Smart Bexio HYIP is offering high returns and constant growth for their investors.

They mention that their services are unique and amazing at making constant profit.

There is a lot of fluff talk to be honest in their page, so basically what they are saying,

is you can invest your money and not worry about it, because their experts do everything for you.

Which sounds great in theory, but honestly I do not believe a word they are saying.

Talking about miner centers in general, I would like to know where they are located, Smart Scam Review

or their “trading centers” the company claims to be based in the United Kingdom.

This is very typical, most of scammers I have reviewed were from the United Kingdom.

Miners in general are not very profitable and even likely unsustainable considering the massive

drop from Bitcoin recently, also there are legitimate miner associations are there, where

they show all their servers and how they work, and these big boys as I like to call them,

actually struggle to provide investors their expected returns.

Now if we think logically, a new business such as Smart Bexio HYIP, would not have better miners then someone,

who has been in the game longer then them, well I assume so, because they have no evidence of their background.


Smart Bexio HYIP Investment Plans


Smart Scam ReviewSmart Bexio HYIP has 3 investment plans, all of them have a minimum deposit of $1.00 dollar.

The lowest return plan is called the “Silver” one and it offers 10% hourly for 18 hours, which equates to 180% in less then a day.

The middle plan is the “Gold” one and it offers 150% after 10 hours which equates to more then 300% in less then a day.

The highest paying plan is the “Diamond” and it generates 50% daily for 5 days, which equates to 250% in 5 days.

Now, do you see what is wrong in here? Pay attention, the diamond plan actually pay’s the least out of all of them.

The only difference from diamond to gold or silver is the maximum deposit, but that really does not mean anything.

With the gold plan, they are saying you could earn 300% in less then a day, that is a average of 9000% a month return of investment.

Now, please tell me you do not believe these scammers, that these types of percentages are possible.

If this was possible, everybody would be so wealthy, the economy would crash and millions would not mean anything.

Imagine just having a passive income of 9000% return of investment, you could just sit and do nothing and get so much money.

Would be great right? However, these percentages are definitely over exaggerated and bogus, hence why this alone tells me

Smart Bexio HYIP is just another Ponzi-Scheme we should definitely look out for.


Smart Bexio HYIP Social Media 


Smart Bexio Scam Review

This project has no social media links implemented, which is really bad for a new company.

All new projects such as Smart Bexio need to have a huge audience to make this successful.

Having at least a Facebook page, would boost their website’s traffic, by a considerable amount.

However, these guys are not doing this, and the questions is why ? Could they be hiding something?

Well, the main answer is yes, they do not want to attract to much attention and not stay in control.

What I mean by that, is that if clients start commenting negative posts on their page, it would lead to

a huge loss of traffic, because other potential investors would see their bad reviews and would not invest anymore.

This is why, Smart Bexio HYIP has implemented an a affiliate system.

The affiliates would do the marketing for the company and bring traffic to their website.

All of the scammers are using this technique, because it has been proven to bring traffic and potential investors.

Smart Bexio HYIP Contact Us 


This association has a contact us page, however it does not really have anything useful.

The only thing it has is a email address, which is common use for scammers, because it is hard to track it.

Apparently they are offering phone numbers for their VIP clients, but as we established above,

there is too much evidence for them to be a scam, even if they gave you a number to call it would not

benefit you at all, and you would more then likely get talked in to buying more of their services.

That is how cold and brutal these websites are, that is the reason why I make these reviews, so you guys

stay safe and sound while I am around, – that rhymed ha ha.


Smart Bexio Hyip about us 


Smart Bexio has a about us page, unfortunately it does not have any value in it.

There is just a lot of fluff talk on how good they are and what experts they are in the niche.

No evidence was provided to back anything they claimed, which means it all could be porkies.

No names, developers have been mentioned, I mean they are claiming to have experts in their team.

We would like to know, what is their background and actual experience, saying it is not enough to believe them.

There are no photos proof provided and their company house certificate link does not even work,

and it seems like its the wrong name anyway on it, so I think that is more then enough evidence to claim this is a scam.




Smart Bexio is just another Ponzi-Scheme that was developed to manipulate people in to investing their money.

The only return people will get is the middle finger, while these Smart Bexio Hyip developer walk away making it rain.

There is no social media links implemented in the page, there are no names mentioned,

The only way to contact them is via e-mail which is typical for scammers.

Some of their websites buttons do not work, their company house certificate does not even open.

The main one, is their investment plans and how over exaggerated and unrealistic they are its a sure scam.

Final Verdict

Smart Bexio HYIP IS A SCAM

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