Soenxy HYIP Limited

Is This Another SCAM? Lets Find Out  

What is Soenxy HYIP Limited ? 


Soenxy HYIP Limited is a modern company that specialises in cloud mining and cryptocurrency trading.

The business claims to have experts in the trading niche, however does not have anything to back this statement up.

A lot of their about us page, is all talk, apparently they have experts, great technology and other.

The sad part is there is literally nothing to back this up, there are no names mentioned of the “experts”.

The CEO of the company is not mentioned, which leads us to believe they are another faceless scam.

Soenxy HYIP Limited goal is to create, maintain and grow your invested capital.


Soenxy HYIP Limited Investment Plans 



So they have 4 plans available for their clients, the plans return from 4% up to 7% daily returns.

Which does not seem to bad and too over exaggerated as other companies we have seen in the past.

However, its still a big percentage and you will double your initial investment in a months time, which

is very good, but is this really possible considering they are a new company ?

We need to ask questions as to where this money is going to come from, considering the cloud mining

or digital mining in general is kinda failing and even the biggest companies in the world are struggling

to meet their advertised returns of investment.

They call their employees experts in the trading niche, but the biggest Forex hedge fund traders return

from 30% – 50% a year and they consider that a good year, while a new company such as Soenxy returns

25 times that a year, it really makes you questions whether Soenxy is actually legitimate.

It does not help that they do not have any proof or evidence as that their platform actually works.


Soenxy Deposit & Withdrawals (Fear and Greed). 


review Soenxy scam

This is a high yield investment program, most of these are scams, however some of them actually

payout a withdrawal, but that does not essentially mean they are legitimate, let me explain.

A company like Soenxy may want to attract more clients and show they are actually paying, so

they need to pay out some withdrawals, which would show they are “legitimate” and gain some

clients confidence which results in getting more and bigger investments.

This sounds great, but what happens is the business might payout a small deposit with a percentage

,because they wont be loosing much, however if somebody would invest lets say $1000 dollars, they

would need to payout more then double that in a months time.

This is where the fear and greed game comes in, you as a investor need to be careful and if you

really want to invest then make a small deposit, having a small deposit means you get a higher chance

of a withdrawal happening, which means you win some cash for free, but if a client invest a huge

amount of money, the likely hood of getting that money + a percentage is zero to none.

Especially since this is a new company and we know nothing about it, we do not know their true intentions.

Soenxy HYIP Limited Layout and Website


Their website is very empty, their is close to no information about themselves.

The only thing they have is these investment plans, this does not add any transparency to the business,

we do not know their true intentions and cannot invest in them blindly, because we do not know will they pay.


Soenxy Social Media



The business does not have any known social media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Google +.

This is really bad, because all of the successful businesses out there in 2018 have a minimum of a Facebook page.

Having social media would help Soenxy so much its incredible, they would be able to speak to their investors,

promote and invest new investment plans, while also the clients could share their experiences with the company

and send each other results, this would definitely attract a lot of attention and bring more traffic to the site.

However, they do not have any English speaking social media opened up at the moment.

I need to mention Soenxy does have “VK” which is a Russian social media site and a telegram page, but these

pages wont bring them as much attention as the normal Facebook.

Soenxy Support Page


The page only has e-mail support at the moment, which is not good especially when it comes down to making money.

People get stressed and start to worry about their invested money when it takes a lot of time to answer.

E-mails are well known to lag and even not receive messages from other people, so Soenxy really needs to have

some kind of live support chat implemented in their website, this would help sort out the above problems and make

them look professional in the process.

The company does have a telegram, which could be essentially the live support, but considering you need to

download telegram and get it set up, there wont be a lot of people doing that, which will cause problems.





I really think its to early for Soenxy to be anywhere in the “paying” category.

Their website is very empty, their about us page does not show any proof or evidence of who they are

what is their team, how big is their team, who is the company CEO, there is no evidence of their “expert traders”.

The company does not explain a lot, but tries to give a lot which does not sit right in my brain.

They do have some social media, a Russian Facebook, but is this enough to say they are a paying company?. You tell me.

The only support they have is a email address, which is the most common way scammers use to manipulate people,

however they do have a telegram account, so maybe they help people there.

Soenxy might be paying out small withdrawals, but till I see a few legitimate large withdrawals, I will say they are a scam.

Final Verdict

Soenxy HYIP Limited IS A SCAM


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