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Is this business legit or another scam? 

Standard Cash Limited What is it ? 

Standard Limited Review

Standard Cash Limited is a young and “legit” bitcoin management company.

Its funny, because when businesses say they are “legit” they are more often a scam.

The company has been registered in United Kingdom and operating since 2017.

The business is mainly involved with cryptocurrencies, they claim to have outstanding

technology of bitcoin trading and bitcoin mining, this sounds fishy already.

Standard Cash aims to offer each person a chance to be involved with cryptocurrencies

such as: Bitcoin, Ethereum and earn profit easily with their “powerful systems”.

Standard Cash also claims to have a great team that has different backgrounds which

which results in them helping one another. They also talk about that cryptocurrencies has

brought them all together and how successful the company has been, apparently

they have a lot of positive reviews and feedback from clients quoting “across the world wide”.


Standard Cash Limited Investment Plans 


Standard limited Scam standard

Looking at Standard Cash investment plans, one thing is very clear, they are over exaggerated.

Totally unrealistic really, how can you expect to earn 280% in 5 hours? that is nearly 1400% daily.

That is their smallest plan which called the premium, which is great and all, but it literally

makes the other 3 plans invalid, the business plan (the highest one) actually pays only 740% in 30 hours.

Which is twice as less then the casual plan, which totally does not make any sense.

It is obvious that these guys behind Standard Cash are not here to make you money, they are

here to take all their clients money and run away without you ever catching them.

These percentages are so unrealistic, even the biggest companies in the world would never ever

come close to what these guys are paying, and they are a new company.

How can a newly established company have so much cash flow to be able to sustain these kinds of gains,

especially when Bitcoin is not sky rocketing anymore, there is simply no way, Standard Cash Limited

is only using these type of percentages to attract naive people that do now know much about

trading and what these schemes are capable off, everybody wants to buy their dream car, house and

be financially independent to travel the world, however that is not how the real world works, people

will try to manipulate you, deceive you to make their life better, this company is not to be trusted,

I am 100% sure this is just another faceless scam, that in near future will disappear in thin air.


Standard Cash Limited About Us 


scam Standard limited Review

Standard Cash does not have any valuable information in their website.

They have not mentioned any of their names and showed any photos of their team members.

I mean you could say they are camera shy and they do not want to be mentioned.

However, there still should be someone that represents the company such as the CEO Founder.

This is is bad any company, it does not add any transparency and makes clients think

the business is shady and they will be the same with their investment, which is definitely not what you want.


Standard Cash Contact Us 


Looking at Standard Cash contact us it is a very typical page that is set up for a scam.

The only way to contact their company is a email address, this is bad, because when you are a

investment firm you need to have live support without any questions, people get protective over their

investment and money and if something goes wrong with their account and cannot control it

they will do a lot of things that are kinda questionable and say a lot of negative things.

However, Standard Cash does not really care about their clients that is why they only have

a email address available, having a email address is great, because they can just totally ignore

their clients that are scammed and not care one bit, also email is very hard to track so if people

get scammed, the possibility to get your money back is slim to none.


Standard Cash Affiliates 


The business has affiliate marketing, which is great in one sense, but bad in the other.

Affiliates will bring the company a lot of traffic that will probably be targeted within the trading niche.

Which would result in the business getting more investments deals closed.

However, will Standard Cash actually pay their affiliates is a different question that needs to be answered.

Why do you think they even have affiliate marketing, but do not have social media ? Well, its simple

they would get a massive backlash from their scammed clients, which would result in the company not

getting any deposits and investments, and they would have to close their business down.

However, if they have affiliate marketers its different, the association is not actually promoting themselves

and do not have a page made for people to gang up on Standard Cash, which keeps the business out

of any trouble while the affiliates do all the dirty work for them.

Also a lot of businesses are doing this and hide their numbers to the affiliates, which means if a affiliate

refers a person and that person makes a deposit, Standard Cash can just hide the numbers and tell

the affiliate that there was no transaction made, which will result in the affiliate working and promoting

this business for free, while Standard Cash is enjoying fruits of other peoples labour.




Standard Scam Review standard

To conclude this article Standard Cash is just another Ponzi-Scheme that will dissapear in the near future.

There are no names mentioned in their about us page, no phone numbers and no evidence their

team of experts are actually real or have any experience within the financial markets.

The company does not have any social media, which adds a lack of transparency and

it feels like the business is hiding something, not to mention their investment plans are totally bogus,

unrealistic and unsustainable, you would never see a business that would offer such percentages.

Final Verdict

Standard Cash Is A SCAM

This software generates me around $200 dollars a day 🙂

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