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SW Digital Asset What Is It ?

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SW Digital Asset is a online investment platform that claims to be based in London United Kingdom with a company house of 11731488. Currently there are no other useful information about the company on who the company CEO is, but we will get to that later in this article.

Apparently it has been running for 17 days as of writing this blog article and it has already generated over $30,000 thousand USD in deposits, could this be a legitimate investment website or is this just another scam website we should avoid at all cost, lets find out.

SW Digital Asset Returns Of Investment

SW Digital Asset has a lot of different plans on offer and some of them may seem not over exaggerated their first one has 2.2% return of investment which seems okay, but I can assure you even that is a struggle to get especially since the investor is not going to be putting any time or energy for the returns and trust SW Digital to do it all for them.

The main concern I have with SW Digital Asset is that there are a number of plans which are totally ridiculous and you would have to be really gullible to fall for this trap, some of their investment returns claim to get you 7000% within a period of 90 days.

That is totally bonkers and insane and its a clear indicator that this company is not serious, its here to take all your invested money and run away, it happens all the time and we have seen this way to many times to believe this business is anything different.

No company with the right mind would ever give returns of 7000% , because they would be bankrupt within minutes, even Bill Gates and Jeff Bezos would struggle to maintain these kind of percentages and they are multi-billionaires !.

SW Digital Asset Review

SW Digital Asset Social Media

SW Digital Asset has social media icons on their website, these icons are Facebook and Twitter, however none of them link to anything and it just brings you back to their homepage.

This is another clear indicator that this scheme is here to take all your money and nothing more, they do not have any social media pages, because they would get a lot of backlash negative comments from all the disappointed investors.

A lot of folks would start spamming its a scam and start to make YouTube videos showing proof of them being scammed, its just a matter of time before SW Digital Asset closes doors and the owners of this project open another website to scam gullible people.

SW Digital Asset

SW Digital Asset Support

SW Digital Asset does not have any support whatsoever, the only way to contact them is a email address which is a number one to scam somebody. Emails are unreliable especially when you are running a investment fund management company, folks want to know about their account and what is going on at all times, not having a live chat is ridiculous, oh wait.

The company actually does have a live chat, however when you click on the “chat” icon it takes you to a page where it say’s there is nobody available for a chat, this is just another clear indicator that this is a total scam, you could say they don’t work 24/7 however I can assure you if they are based in the United Kingdom the time I tried contacting them was very much working hours.

SW Digital Asset

SW Digital Asset Spelling Mistakes & Website Layout

I have also found some spelling mistakes and the website layout is pure garbage. You can definitely see they are not making a lot of money, how can a business return 7000% , but have a website that was created in a couple of minutes time, just does not make sense.

Numerous spelling mistakes found around the website and also if the company would be based in the United Kingdom they would not use american words for example: “specializing” in the United Kingdom it would be spelled with the letter “S” not “Z”.

SW Digital Asset

SW Digital Asset About Us & Faceless

SW Digital Asset about us page does not exist, they have a short 100 words on their front home page, but that is it. This just shows how bad the business is and its totally here to take all your hard earned money, it makes me sad that these projects still find gullible people that invest and believe in this scheme.

We as investors would love to know who the company CEO is of this project and who are the people behind this business. What was the reason of creating this “amazing” platform to make loads of cash, there has to be a intention of some sort right ?.

Normal investment projects would always show their face and would let people know who the company CEO is, because that is what gets clients to their business. Being transparent with your clients is the ideal and most efficient way to have loyalty in your business, however this is not the case with SW Digital its a pure lie and its here to pull wool over your eyes and run away with all the invested capital.

SW Digital Asset

SW Digital Asset Conclusion

SW Digital Asset is a definite scam nothing more. It lacks transparency there is literally less then 100 words regarding their business. Their investment returns are totally bonkers and unsustainable for any man of earth. The business claims to be professional however there is no live chat service, there are spelling errors on their website and its just a lack luster business.

Investing money in SW Digital would be the same as throwing all your valuables in to the ocean strapped on to a massive heavy bolder, you will not be getting any returns back I can assure you on this. This project is just another scam and should be avoided at all costs to not get burned financially. We at Top Trading Reviews strongly suggest staying away from SW Digital.

SW Digital Asset

Final Verdict 

SW Digital Asset Is A SCAM !

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