Swiss Trust Lending Company

Swiss Trust Lending Group

Can We Trust Them?

What is Swiss Trust Lending Group? 

Swiss Trust Lending Group

Swiss Trust Lending Group is a largest and fastest growing online mobile consumer.

Swiss Lending Group claims that they provide money to citizens quickly, efficiently and responsibly.

The company claims they use cutting edge technology, data to offer fast and convenient loans to their customers across 17 countries.

They have opened in 2011 and are now the fastest growing global consumer finance company, disrupting and reshaping the world with a aim to become the global leader.

At the moment, the company we have described seems okay, it has its own niche and they provide loans, so what is actually wrong with them, well lets find out.


Is Swiss Trust really a lending company? 


Swiss Trust Lending Group

The truth is, we don’t really know, the association talks about a lending service they are providing.

At first glance we at toptradingreviews thought it seems quite legit, but what we have found looking in to it closer is that the company does not have a clear path of direction.

Swiss Trust Lending Group does not have a clear path of direction, because they promote themselves as a lending association, but also offers investment plans. This looks and is very suspicious, hence we are making this review.

We looked in to it closer and found they have six investment plans, with the highest one returning a investment of 250% daily.

Returning 250% daily is such a huge amount for any business. Currently there is no other professional business that could return such great potential gains.

The biggest and best investment companies in the whole word have a maximum return rate of 40% annually.

This alone is enough to conclude that Swiss Trust Lending Group are running a shady business, their website talks about a return of investment six times more (daily) then professional companies do in a year.

These numbers are just not realistic, if this was possible every person in the whole world would have enough money by essentially doing nothing. The amount of inflation in the world would be incredible and what was once millions would turn in too hundreds.

Resulting in a big economic crash and eventually leading to what has happened before with the currency in Zimbabwe.


Swiss Trust Lending Group is accepting criptocurrencies? 


Swiss Trust Lending Group

Well, this is where it gets confusing. We looked at Swiss Trust FAQ’s and we have found that they are accepting Bitcoin, you can pay and invest in it.

This is really weird, because no where on this site it talks about any other currency then just Bitcoin. This results to us believing this company does not have a clear path of direction. Essentially meaning they trying to do three things at once.

These are, lending services so they borrow folks money with a return of interest. There is also the investment plans which they are promoting, with over exaggerated returns, and the last one is the criptocurrency path, which they also mention only in the FAQ page.

Swiss Trust Lending Group is targeting every possible audience they can and with no clear direction they lead us to believe this is hundred percent a scam.

This association is targeting as much people as they can, so they can persuade folks in to investing their cash or Bitcoin.


Swiss Trust Lending Group who is behind this company? 


Swiss Trust Lending Company Scam Review

The company talks a big game, saying it is the fastest growing association in the world, working with 17 countries that include Latvia, Lithuania and Mexico.

Swiss Trust can lecture anyone they want inside their website, but the truth is this association is not even close to being a world leader or even becoming a national company.

Swiss Trust Lending Group lacks any transparency inside their company, they talk about too many things, which does not define who they actually are.

The CEO of the company is unknown and all the people behind this project are not mentioned.

You would think a association that has been running since the 2011, would have a amazing social media website and the CEO would have been mentioned somewhere on their page.

None of these things Swiss Trust has in operation, this leads us to believe they are just another ponzi-scheme and just want to lure as much money as they can before shutting the company down forever.


Swiss Trust a legit company? 


We at toptradingreviews have to mention that there is actually a Swiss Trust currently in operation. This company is Switzerland based and has nothing to do with what this review is about.


Swiss Trust Lending Group referral system 


Swiss Trust Lending Company Scam Review

The company has a implemented a referral system, this is very common for scammers these days. Folks from around the world are potentially getting paid or told they are getting a reward when another person joins through their invitation link.

Swiss Trust does this to attract more people, this gives them more clicks in their website which results more people seeing the services they offers.

This means they have a bigger audience to potentially scam. The final result is simple, nobody really gets a reward for inviting people to join, Swiss Trust will keep all the money for themselves, until this scheme does not attract as much traffic anymore.

Once Swiss Trust Lending Group reaches their goal they will close the website down and folks that have invested will have their capital taken away from them, without any notice.



To conclude this article Swiss Trust Lending is just another scheme to lure money from the innocent and inexperienced. The company lacks any live proof that they are running this business legally, there are no people or developers that are mentioned in their “about us” page.

Their investment plans are ridiculous, they are over exaggerated and the returns are bigger then any real investor could dream off, this alone tells us that the company is telling porkies. The referral system is just another way for them to gain more traffic, resulting in more deception.

Final Verdict

Swiss Trust Lending Company Is A SCAM

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