Trade Capital Invest Scam Review 


What is Trade Capital ?


Trade Capital is a private investment company specializing in Forex, Crypto Currency, Bonds, Stocks trading and investing in various funds all over the world.

Their mission statement ” Our mission is to provide our investors with a great opportunity for their funds by investing as prudently as possible in various arenas to gain a high rate of return.

Trade Capital also has about me page, but it shows the same home page, which is not very professional.

To invest in this company you need to have Bitcoins, because that is the only way they accept payments, which also raises scam meter, why ? well if you get scammed on Bitcoin, there is no way to track it, and you will definitely not get your money back ever.


What do Trade Capital offer? 

They offer three plans which are very affordable and seem great, the first plan starts from a minimum deposit of $100 dollars and produces about 20% in a year, which is very achievable and very seem to be very nice.

The second plan offers a little bit more, but the minimum investment is $1000 dollars.

The third and very last plan starts from a minimum of $3000 dollars and the return of investment is a little over 30% in a year!.

These plans seem very achievable and not over exaggerated like the other reviews we have done in the past.

I have looked at their website again, and it say’s fixed weekly returns, I hope this does not mean they are paying for example 7.50% every week for 24 weeks, because that would just indicate a major scam, because these types of percentages are not possible, but lets look at it more.


Looking at Trade Capital FAQ page 

Trade Capital’s frequently asked page is very ugly, I mean for a professional investors company they should not have big bold red letters as their questions, it just screams ALARM, WARNING.

It also say’s that your funds that you will invest will be locked for the duration of the plan, I mean the duration of the plan is very long, a minimum of 18 weeks which is 126 days, which does not seem fair, you should be able to withdraw your money when you want too.


The referral system of Trade Capital


We have noticed that scammers these days, use the referral system very often, this is to create more traffic in to their website.

By creating more traffic in to their website they have a bigger possibility for people to invest in their business.

Businesses like Trade Capital love referral systems, because they can shoot two birds with one stone and are able too scam twice or three times as much people then normally.

By promising people that they will get a reward for each person they refer and invest in this business, but most of the times the business like this do not even pay the refer a friend fees.


Trade Capital website layout and the look of it


The look of the website is quite nice, its okay for a scam website, I am calling them a Scam website, because of the following information I am going to provide you with.

There is CEO of the company, so there is no person behind who created this company, why they have created it, there is no information about anything useful.

Trade Capital, do say that they have experts working for them, but who are they, what are they, what they specialize in it say’s nothing, no experience, no names just absolutely nothing.

Well there is a phone number, but I just google there number and they are very popular in cold calling and marketing their services in South Africa, I guess Africa is popular in searching for systems that make money without any effort, well I will tell you the truth save your money people from Africa, because this is a SCAM.


If you look at their social media websites, the Facebook page does not even open, they do not have a page, which in today’s world is not possible.

For a successful company like themselves or as they say they are, there is no chance they would not market their business in Facebook, I mean its one of the best social media sites out there to do business, so not having that shows that this website, kinda wants to keep things under the radar.

Also if you click on the support center button, the only thing you get is their homepage, there is no support, well at least for a not registered user, which there should be, if they expect new members to join their system, they need to include this feature.


There is also a NEWS article they have implemented on their page, it say’s the article was posted today, but the charts they use are dating from May, which is just another sign they are not serious about their business and are not worth our time. The company say’s is located in London, but it has not been authorized by the FCA so its running illegally, also if we look at their company house, there is no registered company under their name, which means this is a proper scheme to lure money form unsuspecting victims.




Trade Capital at the first sign looked nice, we gotta admit, its okay colors on most of the pages, and are promising nice rates of pay that are believable and achievable in today’s trading society. The main factors that disappoint is that the website just lacks clarity, there are no names mentioned about the CEO and the experts that are working behind this website, the charting on the website are out of date, sometimes the SSL padlock is not implemented on their page. Some of their buttons on the website do not lead anywhere, and just give a error and also their social media is not working, or they do not have it, I would defend them and say they are a new company, but they are opened for more then half a year which is means they had plenty of time to create a page on Facebook.


This was Evaldas and we at toptradingreviews strongly recommend to not invest in your money with Trade Capital !

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  1. Trade Capital Invest is 1 of the Best companies I have invested in and I will never turn back…. Guaranteed payouts every time… Best advisors on the team. I have reaped my initial investment and now I have tripled my trade plans.

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