Tradenance Scam Tradenance Review Tradenance Review Tradenance Review Forex Tradenance review




Tradenance Scam Review Tradenance Review Tradenance Review Forex Tradenance Review

TRADENANCE is Fintech based company consist of experienced traders and a professional Investment manager.  They claim to be strong on Forex, Crypto Mining, Social Trading, CFD, Blockchain and Mining Solution.

Tradenance offers loads of investment packages with a guaranteed daily gain of 2.75%. This project headquarter is based in New Zealand and also has an office in several countries in Asia and Europe.

In this tradenance review, we will discuss their investments, social media pages and who actually runs this business. Tradenance sounds amazing at first, but let’s not get ahead of ourselves and actually dig a little deeper into this website to find out whether this is a scam or not.

Tradenance Returns Of Investment 

Tradenance does have an incredible amount of investment plans based on T-BOT SOFTWARE.  The minimum investment that this project offers is $100 and it leads to the highest deposit of $100000.

Tradenance claims that their Turbo Bot System will generate 2.75% guaranteed daily profit from Monday to Friday for 220 business days. This means that investors will make over 55% monthly returns, these returns might not seem like a lot, however, when you compare them with forex hedge fund traders which generate a rough estimate of 50% a year, the returns Tradenance provide become enormous.

The company also briefly mentions that their investment plans have a guaranteed return on investment, which is simply not true. Investing in anything has some sort of risk whether its high or low will depend on the asset/service you invest in.

Even investing in real estate which is considered a very low-risk investment, as long as you keep the house eventually the price will go up, making you a lot of passive income, however this is a different story with Tradenance, since you cannot keep the price or anything for that matter when you invest in this scheme, basically meaning that it only takes one mistake from them for you to lose all your invested money.

Tradenance Scam Review Tradenance Scam Review Tradenance Review

Tradenance Star & Diamond System

Tradenance offers you a residual income of 2% of your direct network. The system works by levels, the higher the level you are, the more points you receive. As a benefit from Tradenance, you can choose your reward depending on how much points you have. It is like in 3rd grade, more you do, more golden stars you are given.

This project let you choose from MAC book pro, brand new Rolex, luxury car or even a massive mansion. All these photos are so popular on social media platforms that you can easily find and see that is as fake as this scam.

If you think smartly enough, the secret behind this incredible reward system is that the more you invest through them, the more of those luxury cars they can buy and enjoy but not yourself.

Tradenance Social Media

Tradenance does have a social media including Twitter, Facebook, Youtube channel and Telegram group, but this does not add any clarity to it and let me dive deep into.

Twitter and Facebook page has few good reviews but unfortunately, most of their recommendations seem very forced to be written and boring which does not add any transparency to their site.

Tradenance telegraph group where is not many comments or interaction going on, on their recent post they say about daily gain but once again, where we can see the proof that this daily gain percentage is provable. However even they have 5.33K members although none of the members are really commenting and sharing their experience with the company nor them profits.

Youtube channel is fully loaded with fake accounts and spam comments. This is clearly one more indicator that Tradenance is a scam just simply by not having real people communicating in general.

I strongly believe that in a legit company, people and customers are happily sharing their experience, profits or even pieces of advice and ideas, but in this scenario, it does not work out well, it is like a burned pancake which only has to be thrown out.

Tradenance Scam Review Tradenance Scam Review Forex Tradenance Review Forex Tradenance scam review

Tradenance Faceless Team Board

Tradenance claims to have CEO founders, Kendrew Greg, and Madeleine Madixon, technician and investing partner but unfortunately does not have any faces shown on their website neither on their social media, but I just do not believe this name is not real at all.

Legit companies such as Google, Facebook has nothing to hide from their users, just because this is how real companies operate. Gaining more audience and customers help the business growth with a good reputation, adds trust in it and simply being professional.

We as investors want to know who the owner is, what is the real and authentic purpose of this project, have a proper communication platform so either the founder business will grow either the confidence from customers will be genuine and respective.

Tradenance project is similar to the Xtradechain one. The website design and all information are like twin sisters, the same scheme for a reward system, same stock people photos and those unrealistic houses and cars. Even the daily return percentage is so familiar that is no way they can not be scammers twice.

Tradenance Review Forex Tradenance Scam Review Crypto Tradenance Review Forex Tradenance scam review

Tradenance Support Team & Contact Us 

Tradenance does not have Live Chat where customers can contact regarding inquiries or general help with this platform. Looking at their contact us page it is clear to see they are a total scam website. Tradenance does not have any telephone number to call and the only way to contact them is by email address.

Contacting by email is the number one method and the most common way to scam people. Even the investor will email them regarding any issue as for example withdrawal, I am 100% sure, he will get no response because it was only created for the purpose of ‘professional look of website’.

A proper business would have a working Support Team, an email address and phone number, where the customers have 24/7 support where they can be heard and helped as soon as possible.

Tradenance Conclusion

I strongly agree that Tradenance is another scam platform. They do not have proper Support Team where people can be free to not hesitate and ask them and by having social media crowded with fake accounts, comments and zero communication at all at any of those.

Their return of investment is just unrealistic to believe it because their daily return of investment percentage is too high to be true. Tradenance team and the CEO are faceless, we do not know what is going on behind this project and what are the real persons are. I can reassure you they will never expose their faces or either will mention their names.

Tradenance definitely a scam watch out!

Final Verdict 

Tradenance Is A SCAM!

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Tradenance Review Crypto Tradenance Review Forex Tradenance Review Forex Tradenance scam review Crypto Tradenance Review