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Trend Broker Review

Trend Broker claims to be a top-end trading stock and cryptocurrency association, which provides a stable profit for investing your capital. Trend broker claims that your invested funds will work in the most trendy and innovative schemes that will provide you with high-interest rates on dividends. also claims that their company values its reputation and pays attention to many nuances, which in result makes them a “reliable” partner for many major players in the field. Investment Plans: Are they realistic and achievable?

The company offers plans from 4% daily from the trial version and 8% daily for the pro version plan. All of these plans are considered high return and hard to achieve especially for a new business.

Some of their other plans which are 5% daily for elementary and 7% daily for the base plan might seem like good choices to invest in, unfortunately, we believe that this is just another scam that we should avoid.

I want to warn you guys because these percentages might not seem over-inflated as some of the other companies we reviewed in the past, however, they are still considered super high.

Just by giving an example Forex hedge fund traders that stress and trade all year round are earning an estimate of 50% on a good year, and trend broker is offering that within a couple of days time.

This alone is a big enough reason to not invest your money, because it sounds too good to be true, and it probably is.

I believe that so much people invest and lose money on these websites, because of greed and want to gain fast money, but honestly, this is never the answer.

These returns claimed by the company are too high because if this was possible a lot of people would quit their jobs and invest in such companies and make money from their home.

If you really want to invest money there a number of better alternatives out there and because we do videos on the newest trading software on our Youtube channel you should subscribe and hit the notification bell to never miss a new upload!

Trend-Broker.Biz Social Media: Are they legit or they do not have any?

I tried looking for their social media pages everywhere and not a single link was found, this is just another of a lot more indicators why I believe this company is a total scam.

In today’s day and age, an internet business cannot survive without some sort of social media presence whether this would be Facebook, Twitter, Instagram you really need one of them or preferably all of them.

I looked and found their telegram group page which I do not consider as social media because its closed off to the public and once you join only then you can communicate or contact the company.

Most of the telegram groups are moderated by people so even if trend broker does scam you and you try to warn other people they can simply ban you from their group because they have full control of all the messages.

Trend Broker Review Contact Us Page: Do they have a telephone number or an office address? 

I looked and found no evidence that Trend Broker has an office address anywhere which makes me believe they are just an internet scam.

They do not have a telephone number and the only way to contact them is an email address which is considered the number way to scam someone.

Scamming someone with an email address is very simple and very hard to track down, so once you sent someone the money, it’s long gone.

Most of these HYIP websites are dangerous and have fake company house details, fake addresses, and even fake people and names, everything is made up to get sales and then run before it gets too hot.

Trend Broker Review Faceless: The business does not have any names, faces or information

Trend Broker does not have any information on what they are and where they came from a very strong indicator that this is a scam website.

We do not know what the business owner looks like, their team behind and what was the motivate in giving away such big return percentages.

Well actually I can tell you the motivate, it’s stealing your money, yeah that simple I know, but its there to take your money and then close and disappear and you won’t be able to return a single penny.

The website about us page has less than 100 words about the company and half of those words are irrelevant to the topic, which just shows how “professional” they really are. Website Design: The website looks very shady

Generally looking at their website first time, I could tell straight away that this is just another scam website, without even reading a single word.

Most of their sentences lack grammar and the colour coordination is really bad. The website looks like a 12-year old made it and that says a lot about their business.


To conclude this Trend Broker review, I will just say a few big points that will ensure you never invest in this company. Their investment percentages are too high and simply unsustainable for the long term.

The business does not have any social media presence, this is because they would get a lot of negative responses from scammed people.

Their telegram group is manipulative so even if someone gets scammed, and the person scammed tries to warn others, they will ban the person and leave the gullible investors there.

Trend Broker does not have any company house details on their website or anywhere for that matter which means it’s not regulated and its here to take all your money.

They do not have an office phone number and the only way to contact them is an email address which is the number one way to scam investors.

I highly recommend people to stay away from this site, because it will steal all of your hard-earned money, I have great confidence in saying is a scam.

Final Verdict 

Trend Broker Is A SCAM!

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