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Weenzee Review


Weenzee What Is It ?

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Weenzee is a international community that connects millions of people around the world to manage the cryptocurrency markets, at least that is what they claim to do. They are basically a fund management company, where investors deposit a certain amount of money to gain a return percentage within a fixed period of time.

Weenzee scam review - Weenzee Scam

Weenzee Returns Of Investment 

This weenzee scam returns of investment are not super over exaggerated, but they are high enough for us to believe this is just another scam. The company claims to nearly twice your initial investment within the first 3 months of depositing with them, so basically if you would invest 10,000 USD you would nearly get 20,000 back.

These figures alone already spark red light alarms all over my head, these percentages are totally bonkers, especially since the investor does not really have to do anything, but to invest the money and within 3 months time, you would have twice as much money as before.

It just seems a little too good to be true, and we all seen this happening time and time again, where a project seems amazing at first and promises the world, however with given time comes a lot of problems, and eventually the people that wanted to make money from the gullible will make a lot of money and the investors, will eventually be left with massive burns of their bank accounts.

Weenzee scam review - Weenzee Scam

Weenzee The Next Bitconnect 

We have seen projects like “weenzee scam” before where everything seems to explode quickly and the hype is really big, however eventually these projects just fail and become another bitconnect. I personally invested in bitconnect once before, because of the “hype” and got burned, weenzee is no different then these other more successful scams.

Remember guys, just because weenzee scam is able to produce videos of people in suits does not mean that you as a investor will make money, or any money for that matter. Everything is done professionally and the people behind the schemes will be the real winners, it will never be the investors that make all the money trust me.

The investors will only be a controlled tool to the big fish running this project, and they will eventually make this scheme popular and cash in all the money from different nationalities investing in this site. You won’t even understand how all this “hype” and project can vanish in thin air in matter of minutes.

Weenzee scam review - Weenzee Scam

Weenzee Social Media

Weenzee social media pages such as Facebook are very inactive considering they have 30,000+ page likes and followers. They are getting around 10 likes per post they make, which is considered super low, I mean I don’t have a big following on Facebook page, but I literally get the same amount, although I have a lot smaller numbers.

Weenzee Facebook page has a lot of good recommendations, however most of these recommendations are due to desperate people copy and pasting their affiliate links, in hopes of other people clicking and investing though their link, which would make them a few dollars, and because its hard to delete these “spammy” recommendations weenzee more then likely leaves them.

Also, looking at weezee’s comment section in general you can see that most of their messages have been filtered out. This means that weenzee might be scamming people, and people might have complained about it, however they have deleted these negative comments and trying to hide it from everyone.

Out of 67 comments in one of their post you can only see the 7 comments, which is totally ridiculous and just shows that weenzee is totally hiding something and up to no good.

Weenzee scam review - Weenzee Scam

Weenzee Company House & Grand Opening

Weenzee does have a company house certificate, however this does not mean its not a total scam, most of the scam reviews I have done in the past use United Kingdom as their main go to page scam capital, because its super easy to register for the company house certificate online and claim that they have a office in certain address.

Its super weird that weenzee have a registered main office in London, however they made their grand opening video in Berlin 2018. I can assure you that if they actually had a office there, they would definitely make their first grand opening in the United Kingdom for sure.

Apparently Weenzee is now travelling through countries that have higher poverty ratio then most countries and trying to sell this weenzee dream to everyone gullible or desperate enough to invest, its really smart from their side honestly, however its just purely immoral to take money from the poor and make themselves rich.

Weenzee scam review - Weenzee Scam

Weenzee Videos & Gallery

Weenzee scam has most of their grand opening videos and other “business meeting” videos are totally bonkers, they are literally travelling around the world and promoting to these unsuspecting people a project of the lifetime, however it will end up being a another bitconnect, watch me.

Looking at Weenzee galleries are just purely made to promote their business hard with a lot of people smiling etc, however we all know that most of the people in the poorest region have been paid to come in their meeting and just celebrate do some photos and make it seem like this weenzee scam is legitimate.

Weenzee scam review and weenzee

Weenzee Conclusion

Weenzee for me is a total scam honestly, I just can’t believe this is truly real. Most of Weenzee facebook comments have been deleted this just shows how “transparent” they really are. Some recommendations say they haven’t paid the money out to their investors, also their investment percentages in general are quite high and I do not believe it will not crumble, the weenzee scam project will only run if people keep depositing and believing in this scheme, if not there won’t be enough deposits to make all the withdrawals. I really do not recommend this weenzee scam project, however if you want to invest just be super careful, because probably this will be another bitconnect, watch me.

Weenzee scam review weenzee scam

Final Verdict 

Weenzee Is A SCAM !

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weenzee scam review - weenzee ScamWeenzee scam review - weenzee Scam