Wssavior scam review Wssavior scam review


Wssavior Scam Review: This particular investment project has been around for 1802 days as of writing this review, which is a very long time, however, this does not mean they are legitimate in any way shape or form.

Wssavior website does not look professional enough for me to believe that this is legitimate especially since they have been around for so long. Their web design does not look nice and modern, if they really could make so much money from investment platforms they would update their website and make it look sharper.

The business also claims to have a lot of experts in their field that have been trading for years and can sustain huge returns they offer, honestly this is a bogus lie. If you look at a general forex trader that is profitable, he will be happy with a return of 100% maximum within a years time.

Wssavior claims to be capable of doubling your initial deposit within a period of 10 days time, this claims is totally ridiculous and only gullible people would ever believe in this statement.

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Returns Of Investment 

Since we already spoke about their huge investment returns let me tell you what they are and maybe you can spot how ridiculous they are. So one of their investment plans is making 1000% within 40 days time. This is literally 10x your initial deposit within the period of a little over a month.

These types of percentages are not only unsustainable for the long term, but very hard to pull off even for the most profitable traders in the world, and somehow this company is able to generate these kinds of percentages? Yeah right.

It’s definitely possible to make a nice trade and profit a lot, but consistently? There is no doubt in my mind they are trying to pull wool over investor’s eyes and make them believe in a fantasy where they will quit their job and live off this website returns.

Of course, they have smaller plans which are a little bit more manageable and I believe this is where the scam actually happens, people invest a little at first to test their feet as they say.

The company will make a small withdrawal and because the person gets the money back + small return they will start trusting in this company before they get greedy and invest a lot of their money, which then will get taken by and never given back.

Wssavior scam review Wssavior scam review Wssavior scam review Wssavior scam review Wssavior scam review

Social Media Pages

Wssavior does have social media pages, however, none of them are very active on over 2000+ followers they only get around 8 likes per post. This shows how to inactivate and not interested the people are about their company.

Social media shows a lot about investment projects and we can clearly see that this company is struggling, they have a few people that comment their awesome “returns” of 1 dollar or so, but as I said this is where the scam is, eventually people get too greedy and will invest an amount that Wssavior will take away from them.

Remember guys, this is still an investment platform and there is nothing stopping Wssavior saying they lost your money, because of unsuccessful trades. You cannot prove it, and they could be just laughing and stuffing their bank accounts with your money.

Wssavior scam review Wssavior scam review Wssavior scam review Wssavior scam review

Wssavior Intro Video

Wssavior has an intro video and honestly, it is not that good, it looks like one of them made videos, where people just speak over some random video and show “stable income returns” or whatever, we have seen this so many times before its funny.

People need to understand that just, because a company has a video does not mean they are legitimate, it is 2019 the technology is so much more improved now and everything can be manipulated so easily.

Wssavior scam review Wssavior scam review Wssavior scam review

Company House: Legal Documents

As most of the scam reviews I have done in the past 97% of them as based in London, United Kingdom, and Wssavior is no different, the business claims to have a company house certificate and have an office based in London.

This is honestly hard to believe since most of the scammers are using the same technique, finding a company house certificate that reflects or has a similar name and putting it in their website.

Some more educated scammers will create a company house certificate and actually register a random person in England with a company they don’t know about. Then will show their document on their website and make everyone believe its legitimate.

The reason why the scammers are using these company house certificates is simple, it looks good to gullible people that know nothing about investing, they read a little and believe in a fairytale and then sink all their money in this project, honestly, it’s worse than a roulette table.

Wssavior HYIP Explorers Paying

Just because all the HYIP explorers that are linked to are saying this company is legitimate and paying, does not mean that. All of these websites work closely together and share each other’s traffic.

Think of it like this, you are the sheep and they are the shepherd’s dog making you “run” or let’s say click on different websites that apparently are “profitable” if you really look at most of the HYIP websites they will have the same promotions going on over and over.

There is a very small number of HYIP websites that take pride in their work and are somewhat legitimate, not fully, but do have some valuable content where people actually could stick around and trust.

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Wssavior Conclusion

To conclude this Wssavior review, I believe this company is not legitimate as it may sound to some people. Just because it has been around for a while now, does not mean people have been consistently profiting from it day in and day out.

Their social media pages are abandoned and honestly, not much traffic is passing through there, with 2000 followers they only get a couple of engagements per post, which makes me believe nobody is interested in what they have to say.

Their returns of investment are totally bonkers 1000% within 40 days time, its unsustainable for the long term and honestly unless your Jeff Bezos you would never offer such percentages.

Honestly, I would never invest my money in this project and neither should you, there are better projects out there and if you want to know more about them email me or subscribe to my YouTube channel.

Final Verdict 

WSsavior is a SCAM!

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