Zemusoft Trading Cryptocurrencies Scam Review


So, what is Zemusoft !?


Zemusoft is a “Trading system that specializes in cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin or Ethereum”. well that is what they claim the system is specializing in. 

The Zemusoft system claims its got algorithms that can by pass all the struggles that a typical trader would have and effortlessly beat the “competition” and have winning trades with ease. 

It seems that Zemusoft system is not necessarily, a cryptocurrency miner, but a more then less a binary options trading system, what we mean by that is you will deposit a certain amount of money, looking in to things it will probably be $250 dollars and you will trade on a supplied broker, but the results they are promising you, wont be a promised!.


So what is the scheme behind Zemusoft ? 


What will happen, once you put in all the details to register for such free system, the website will lead you to a shady broker that will not be regulated, and request that you deposited a certain amount of money, usually a minimum of $250. 


Once you have deposited your hard earned money in to such system, there will not be a way to get your money back, basically they already got what you wanted. So if you start to trade Bitcoins, which is not how to invest in Bitcoins by the way, binary options and Bitcoins is basically like a gamble, you punt whether the price goes up or down and that is it.


So trading Bitcoins in such platforms is not really investing in Bitcoins, due to the fact that you are really not purchasing Bitcoins you are purchasing the fact Bitcoin will go up or down and that is it, which seems to me like a massive punt. 


Not only you will be punting your money away like in a casino, the broker is unregulated which means the markets would be manipulated in their favor which results in you losing your deposited money and leaving you with no evident reason to complaint due to the fact, you wanted to punt your money away, in a sense they did what you wanted. 


Also just, because a scammer website such as Zemusoft, promised you $3000 dollars a day, which is a very unrealistic amount of money anyway, does not mean you can say anything to the broker that you have invested your money on, because they will claim that they did not know anything about Zemusoft. 


Fakes Promises Zemusoft !


Zemusoft are promising their clients $3000 a day, which is  a unrealistic amount of money especially with a deposit of $250. I mean earning $3000 a day is very possible in your own life if you put in the effort, work and dedication in to a business or you are a very good trader with a impressive capital, but it does not mean that this system can do that, let me explain.


Just thinking logically if a system would exist that could make you $3000 dollars a day, without any experience, knowledge or any work, would you not think that everybody in the whole world would use it, because trust me word of mouth is the most power thing there is in the world, so if somebody would actually discover this system that would just make you a millionaire in a year, everybody would be one, which would cause inflation and prices would go up, and we would be right where we started. 🙂


Also, we see that this system is actually FREE, it only costs you to deposit $250 dollars to invest in a shady as broker that will steal all your money, but imagine if it was not shady and it actually made money, people would be banking millions left and right, turning 4 digit incomes a day.


The system in their promotion video talk about how you will be making monthly income in a day, with just a CLICK OF A BUTTON. This itself is ridiculous a FREE system that makes $3000 dollars a day, actually in the video they step it up and say its $4200 or something like that, it really does not matter to be honest, because at this point its just numbers not real money!.


So back to what I am trying to say, its just unrealistic, it would cause inflation, a system like that would never ever be free, I am also sure there is no system like that at this moment in time, or if there is it costs millions of dollars to have it. 


Zemusoft testimonials and 24/7 customer care


Looking at their testimonials, they are very fake. The pictures inside the testimonials are people from different types of websites, we call them stock images, because they might be used else where on another website on the internet. The testimonials claim they make $3000 in 24 hours, which is not possible.


The testimonials also claim that out of nearly a hundred trades only 1 trade has lost, which is not possible, even the best trades in the whole world that know the financial market in and out, cannot get such result as this “Vince Gyula” see the image on the right hand side.


The website also claims that they have 24/7 customer care and support, but I have written them a message and nothing is working, no live chat NOTHING.


So much for the 24/7 customer care right? the website is obviously built to scam people, or lure people in to a unregulated broker that will make you a “trader” and then you will lose your money anyway, but the point is once you deposit your money in to such shady brokers there is no way out, you already have lost !.




Looking at Zemusoft it is clear to say that they have designed this website for the sole purpose of scamming other people and make as much money as possible before closing down. Zemusoft this system they talk about is nothing more then a fluff piece and will try to pull the wool over your eyes, the promotion video will try to make you believe that you can actually earn $3000 dollars a day, without any experience, any skills nothing. Trust me, in this brutal world you need to know something, there are system out there that will make you money, but Zemusoft is not it !.

We at toptradingreviews strongly recommend to not join any shady systems or brokers that Zemusoft is offering, because they are a SCAM.!

As always this was Evaldas from Toptradingreviews and we wish you to stay safe.

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