zrealbit.cc scam

Zrealbit.cc Scam Review | The company has been online for over 6 days now and its gaining a lot of traffic, its been advertised as a huge moneymaker all across the internet.

However, whether they are a legitimate company nobody seems to question, so today I will give reasons why I believe this company is not what they say they are.

The company promises high returns of investment without the need of extra work on your behalf, this statement itself is literally one of the hundred reasons I am going to tell you why you should not invest your money in this company.

ZRealBit.CC | Investment Plans & Returns

zrealbit.cc review

So to start off the company ZRealBit.CC is promising huge returns off investment that is 8% returns within one single day, they also market their website by saying 0.33% every single hour gained forever!

This sounds shadier then a ally way in the middle of the night, 8% return of investment within the first day would mean 240% within the very first month.

So just to put this in perspective the business ZRealBit.CC are promising to double your initial investment and more!

Imagine you have invested $10,000 dollars by the end off the month you would have a sufficient $24,000 dollars which would mean you have profited over $14,000 dollars within a month by doing absolutely nothing.

Does this sound any realistic to you? I hope not, this itself should be a clear indicator that you should not invest any of your money in this company because you will gain nothing and lose everything.

ZRealBit.CC | Bitcoin Payments

So the investment payments are accepted mainly in bitcoin this is yet another reason why this is a total scam, since bitcoin payments are very hard to track the goverment will not track them at all if you get scammed.

Although cryptocurrency has become a little more mainstream its still one of the best methods for scammers to steal money of people’s accounts so by them having only this payment option its clear they are a total scam.


The business | Social Media

Zrealbit.cc social media pages do not link anywhere and its the year 2020, every single business should have a working and updated social media page, this is how you stay relevant in today’s world.

The fact that they do not have any social media pages such as: Facebook or Instagram shows they do not want any way off communication with their customers.

The website was created with the purpose to take all your bitcoins and disappear once the website gains a lot of negative traffic and reputation.

zrealbit.cc review

ZRealBit.CC | Conclusion

To conclude this article Zrealbit.cc is definitely a scam and we highly recommend staying away from such business.

They are a faceless scam without any proof that their services actually work. Their website design we have seen multiple times before in other scam companies.

Investment percentages are totally bonkers and in one of their pages, they also guarantee profits. There is nothing ever guaranteed when investing so they guaranteeing anything means they are here to steal all your money.

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